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Disqualification for Bias
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Disqualification for Bias

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Published 29 May 2012 (The Federation Press)
ISBN: 9781862878808. Hard Cover, 300 pages.

By John Tarrant 

Decision makers must make unbiased decisions. Accordingly where there is a perception of bias a decision maker should be disqualified and the decision should be made by another person. This book examines the disqualification principle and the test that courts apply in different contexts. The application of the principle is examined in the context of judges, jurors, administrative decision makers, inquiries, local government, sporting clubs, political decisions, international tribunals and military tribunals. 

Disqualification for Bias also examines the remedies available where a person alleges that a decision maker should be disqualified. Many practical lssues are also examined including procedural issues. A detailed examination of relevant case law and statutes from a number of jurisdictions including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada is also included. 


The Disqualification Principle 

Early History and Modern Developments 

Test for Bias 

Disqualifying Factors 

Exceptions to the Disqualification Principle 

Application of the Disqualification Principle 

Practical Issues 


Future Developments and Conclusion 


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