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Douglas and Jones's Administrative Law (8ed)
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Douglas and Jones's Administrative Law (8ed)

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ISBN 9781760021733 New Release 24 May 2018

Fully revised and updated to include the latest administrative law decisions, Douglas and Jones is a leading text on administrative law. Notable for its accessibility and background material, the authorship of the 8th edition has been expanded. Roger Douglas and Professor Michael Head are joined by two other experienced administrative law educators, Yee-Fui Ng and Margaret Hyland.

Key Features of the New Edition:

  • Full analysis of the High Court’s recent decisions in Forrest & Forrest Pty Ltd v Wilson on invalidity and Graham v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection on judicial review and jurisdictional error.
  • Chapters on non-judicial review have been revised to take account of the Commonwealth tribunal amalgamations and related developments up to late 2017.
  • Analysis of the revamped Legislation Act 2003 (Cth) dealing with delegated legislation.
  • Updated to include every major High Court administrative law case since the 7th edition.
  • Inclusion of important extracts from High Court rulings, such as Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v WZARH on procedural fairness, Plaintiff M64/2015 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection on relevant considerations, Wei v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection on jurisdictional error, Argos Pty Ltd v Corbell, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development on standing and Minister for Immigration and Citizenship v Li on unreasonableness.


Table of Cases 
Table of Statutes

1. Issues and Problems in Australian Administrative Law 
2. The Rise (and Decline?) of Administrative Law 
3. Freedom of Information and Government Secrecy 
4. Understanding Decisions: Reasons, Discovery and Evidence 
5. Auditors-General, Corruption Commissions and Whistleblowers 
6. Investigating Administrative Conduct: The Ombudsman 
7. Administrative Review on the Merits 
8. Delegated Legislation 
9. The Duty to Act within Powers 
10. The Exercise of Discretionary Power 
11. The Duty to Act for Proper Purposes and According to Relevant Considerations 
12. Duties in Relation to Findings of Fact 
13. Reasonableness, Rationality and Other Limitations to Administrative Decision-Making 
14. The Right to Procedural Fairness: General Principles 
15. The Right to be “Heard” 
16. The Rule Against Bias 
17. Limits to Fairness 
18. The Effect of Errors on the Validity of Decisions 
19. The Availability of Judicial Review 
20. Judicial Remedies 
21. Discretion, Timing and Outcomes 
22. Standing to Seek Judicial Review

Table of Sources

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