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Due Diligence: Worker Rights and Duties
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Due Diligence: Worker Rights and Duties

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Published April 2013 (CCH)
ISBN: 9781921948879. Soft Cover.

Michael Tooma 

Workers have a key role in work health and safety. They or their mates bear the consequences when things go wrong. But even the most sophisticated system relies heavily on worker engagement to deliver safety outcomes. This book is concerned with the role, rights and duties of workers. The book is the fourth instalment in the due diligence series. With an expanded definition of who is a worker and significant new penalties, no worker can afford to miss this book. 


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Who is a worker?

Chapter 3: Duty to other workers 

Chapter 4: Duty to cooperate with business

Chapter 5: Worker consultation 

Chapter 6: Supervisors as workers? 

Chapter 7: Victimisation of workers

Chapter 8:Safety culture and workers

Chapter 9: Practical implementation of worker duties

Chapter 10: Checklist for workers 

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