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Electronic Contracts, 2nd edition
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Electronic Contracts, 2nd edition

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Published Aug 2015 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409340747.

Electronic Contracts 2nd edition identifies common law principles and issues that are uniquely problematic for electronic contracts.

“Dr Blount’s initiative will make a valuable contribution to a fertile field which is now starting to be tilled.”

From the foreword to the first editon by In his forward to the book, the Honourable Justice Steven Rares J.

In an era of Shrinkwrap, Clickwrap and Browsewrap Agreements, does the common law still provide the answer? This book examines the extent to which the common law applies familiar contract law principles to unfamiliar problems, such as whether sufficient notice of terms can be given by hyperlink.

This book will be of immeasurable assistance to legal practitioners litigating and drafting electronic contracts, as well as to practitioners, academics, and students interested in the legal problems arising from the new information technologies.



     •     Detailed and scholarly coverage of the topic
     •     Applies a comparative approach
     •     Author considers over 150 common law electronic contract cases at appellate level

Simon Blount is a Barrister at State Chambers, Sydney, and a Visiting Lecturer in Law at The University of New South Wales.


Chapter 1.     Introduction
Chapter 2.     The Requirement of Writing and the Statute of Frauds
Chapter 3.     Offer and Acceptance
Chapter 4.     The Postal Acceptance Rule, Time and Place of Receipt and Jurisdiction
Chapter 5.     E-Auctions
Chapter 6.     Shrinkwrap, Clickwrap and Browsewrap Agreements
Chapter 7.     Incorporation of Terms
Chapter 8.     Vitiating Factors
Chapter 9.     Misrepresentation, Misleading and Deceptive Conduct and Jurisdiction
Chapter 10.     International Conventions and Model Laws

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