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Finding English Law: Key Titles for Non-UK Lawyers and Researchers
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Finding English Law: Key Titles for Non-UK Lawyers and Researchers

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Published Aug 2011 (Wildy, Simmonds and Hill)
ISBN: 9780854900947. Paperback.

By John Eaton

Finding English Law: Key Titles for non-UK Lawyers and Researchersprovides a listing of current and informative books on one hundred topics of English law.

Each list is preceded by an instructive ‘thumbnail’ description of the legal subject giving the researcher an outline of the rudiments of the topic, by way of a quick description, a discussion of the topic’s component parts, and the details of any legislative provisions which guide the law of that subject.

Each of the listings of titles orients the reader toward a roster of important titles of all types, from those written for public and student consumption, through practitioner-oriented works to the academic and theoretical.

Researchers from outside the United Kingdom will find the topic descriptions and listings most useful and those based in the UK will find utility in a current, wide-ranging list of legal titles.


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