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Fitness for Work:  Fifth Edition
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Fitness for Work: Fifth Edition

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To be published 7 Feb 2013 (OUP) PRE-ORDER NOW!
ISBN: 9780199643240. Soft Cover, 736 pages.

Keith T Palmer, Ian Brown, John Hobson 

  • Endorsed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of London 
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of occupational health issues, organized by medical condition for ease of reference 
  • Contains links to additional resources, including useful addresses, contact details, and further reading 
  • Most chapters co-authored by a topic specialist and a specialist occupational physician, drawing on the skills of each to provide a well-rounded perspective 

New to this edition 

  • New chapters include sickness absence, health promotion and fitness for work and cancer. 

The 'bible' of occupational health, Fitness for Work is the most in-depth and comprehensive resource available on the effects of ill health on employment. Expert authors provide practical guidance on the employment potential of anyone with an illness or disability, as well as examining the art and skills of fitness for work assessment and its ethical framework. Fully revised and updated, Fitness for Work, fifth edition now includes, for the first time, important new chapters on work in cancer survivors, health promotion in the workplace, and managing and avoiding sickness absence. Following in the all-encompassing and comprehensive tradition of the previous editions, it also continues to provide coverage of and information on support for rehabilitation, work at older ages, health screening, and the full array of medical and surgical health problems that can affect fitness for work. Chapters are organized by medical condition to enable effortless reference, and are co-authored by a topic specialist and a specialist occupational physician providing a comprehensive view of the subject. The latest developments in legislation and government guidelines are included ensuring the book is up-to-date and provides the most current procedures in the field. Fitness for Work delivers a wealth of valuable consensus guidance, codes of practice, and locally evolved standards to enable well-informed clinical judgements to be made. All occupational health professionals should have a copy of this highly-regarded resource on their desks. 

Readership: Occupational health practitioners, corporate personnel managers, health and safety officers, lawyers, employers, trade union officials, public health practitioners, hospital doctors, and GPs with an interest in occupational medicine. 

"'It has deservedly become the valued 'bible' of occupational health and as such a key resource for all groups of occupational health practitioners, safety staff, human resources managers, and a wide range of other clinical and public health specialists working in hospitals and primary care...the content of this book has been revised to ensure that it continues to provide appropriate and authoritative up-to-date guidance to all who are involved in addressing health issues associated with employment.'" - Public Health

"'...the standard textbook of occupational medicine...Four editions in 20 years is a remarkable achievement for any medical textbook and reflects not only the changes and advances in medicine, legislation and the practice of occupational medicine that have occurred, but also the esteem in which the book is now held.'" - Occupational Health 

"'[This book] is virtually an exclusive library in its own right....an organically expanding compendium of contemporary wisdom and reference for many professionals in countless areas of care, research and discovery. The successive forewards and prefaces to all four editions make inspiring and provocative reading, well worth introductory browsing time to realise the full design and value of the work.'" - RoSPA Occupational Health and Safety Journal 

"'Occupational physicians and occupational health nurses are more and more involved in litigation cases and, for this alone, this book should be required reading. ... no occupational physician, occupational health nurse, GP nor any person who may have to sit on, or give evidence to, an industrial tribunal should be without this comprehensive book.'" - Chronic Neck Pain Blog 

Edited by Keith T Palmer , Professor of Occupational Medicine, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK Ian Brown , Director and Head of Department, Occupational Health Service, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK John Hobson , Consultant Occupational Physician, Hobson Health Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent, UK Professor Palmer was Editor-in-chief of the BMJ Group journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine from 2004-2009. Currently, he chairs the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council and serves as Academic Dean and Deputy President of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of London. Professor of Occupational Medicine at the University of Southampton, he has held a full-time tenured Medical Research Council (MRC) consultant grade post in occupational epidemiology in Southampton continuously since 1995, receiving a personal chair in 2007. Professor Palmer has authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers and reports covering many topics related to work and health. In 2012 he was appointed to the Advisory Committee on Pesticides. Dr Brown is a medically qualified registered specialist and consultant in occupational medicine and toxicology. He is also a graduate in agricultural biochemistry and nutrition and has a wide range of knowledge and experience covering occupational health medicine, toxicology, agriculture, and food safety. Dr Brown is Director of Occupational Health and Head of Department at the University of Oxford and Honorary NHS Consultant Physician. He was formally independent chair of the government's Pesticide Residues Committee, serving from 2000 until 2011, and remains a member of the Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances of the Health and Safety Executive Board. Dr Brown is also Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs, a member of the General Advisory Committee on Science of the Food Standards Agency, and has been appointed as a strategic advisor to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine. John Hobson is a practising consultant occupational physician. He has been the honorary editor of the journal Occupational Medicine for over ten years. He holds academic appointments in occupational medicine at Keele, Manchester and Birmingham universities. 


1: Keith Palmer and Ian Brown: A general framework for assessing fitness for work 

2: Gillian Howard: Legal aspects of fitness for work 

3: Gillian Howard and Tony Williams: The Equality Act 

4: Mansel Aylward and Debbie Cohen: Support, rehabilitation and interventions in restoring fitness for work 

5: Paul Litchfield: Ethics for occupational physicians 

6: Jon Poole and Richard Hardie: Neurological disorders 

7: Richard Heron and Neil Greenberg: Mental health and psychiatric disorders 

8: Ian Brown and Martin Prevett: Epilepsy 

9: Stuart Mitchell and John Pitts: Vision and eye disorders 

10: Linda Luxon and Finlay Dick: Hearing and vestibular disorders 

11: Keith Palmer and C. Greenough: Spinal disorders

12: Anne Marie O'Donnell and Chris Little: Orthopaedics and trauma of the limbs 

13: 1. Steve Ryder and Karen Walker-Bone: Rheumatological disorders 

14: Ira Madan and Simon Hellier: Gastrointestinal and liver disorders 

15: Eugene Waclawski and G. Gill: Diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disorders 

16: Julia Smedley and R. S. Kaczmarski: Haematological disorders 

17: Anne Price and Michael Petch: Cardiovascular disorders 

18: Keith Palmer and Paul Cullinan: Respiratory disorders 

19: John Hobson and E. Brown: Renal and urological disease 

20: Sally Coomber and P. A. Harris: Women at work 

21: Tony Williams and Bill Thomas: Fitness for work after surgery or critical illness 

22: Ursula Ferriday and I. S. Foulds: Dermatological disorders 

23: Paul Grime and Christopher Conlon: HIV 

24: David Brown and Henrietta Bowden-Jones: Alcohol and drugs misuse 

25: Caroline Swales and Jeffrey Aronson: Medication 

26: Henry Goodall and John Grimley Evans: The older worker 

27: Jon Poole: Ill Health Retirement 

28: Tim Carter, Heather Major, Andrew Colvin and Sally Evans: Fitness to drive 

29: Ching Aw and David S. Q. Koh: Health screening 

30: Richard Preece and Dean Royles: Managing and avoiding sickness absence 

31: Steve Boorman and Ian Banks: Health promotion in the workplace 

32: Philip Wynn and Shirley D'Sa: Cancer 

Appendix 1: Civil aviationStuart Mitchell: 

Appendix 2: Seafarer fitnessTim Carter: 

Appendix 3: Offshore workersMike Doig: 

Appendix 4: The medical assessment of working diversRobbert Hermann and Phil Bryson: 

Appendix 5: General aspects of fitness for work overseasDipti Patel: 

Appendix 6: Workers exposed to hand transmitted vibrationsIan Lawson and Roger Cooke:

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