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Frustration and Force Majeure 3rd edition
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Frustration and Force Majeure 3rd edition

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Published 2 Feb 2014 (Sweet & Maxwell)
ISBN: 9780414028531. Hard Cover.

By Guenter Treitel QC

The third edition of Frustration and Force Majeure provides a thorough examination of the principles governing the conflict between the sanctity of contract and the discharge of contractual obligations in response to supervening events. The author guides the reader through a list of supervening events which may be encountered in any commercial transaction, setting out the statutory principles involved, together with judicial interpretations from a number of common law jurisdictions.

  • It  examines the impact of changes in the law of contract such as changes to the Sale of Goods Act 1979 made by the Sale of Goods Amendment Act 1995
  • Reviews the impact of recent SIs, most significantly the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 and the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002
  • Provides a thorough examination of the principles governing the sanctity of a contract
  • Examines the conflict between contractual obligations and the ability to discharge said obligations in response to supervening events
  • Discusses in detail the development of the doctrine of Frustration within the law of contract
  • Contains a comparative element to the narrative which looks at the topic of foreign systems for rules, concepts and examples with which an evaluation of the English rules can be made
  • There is a varied examination of the concept of Impossibility as expressed in contractual terms
  • Illegality including supervening prohibitions, interference with performance and qualified prohibition will all be discussed in detail
  • deals clearly with the conceptual elements of Force Majeure clauses e.g.’ In Perpetuity clauses’


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Development
Chapter 3: Impossibility in General and Deliberate destruction of Subject Matter
Chapter 4: Other Types of Impossibility
Chapter 5: Partial and Temporary Impossibility
Chapter 6: Impractability
Chapter 7: Frustration of Purpose
Chapter 8: Illegality
Chapter 9: Prospective Frustration
Chapter 10: Alternatives
Chapter 11: Leases of Land
Chapter 12: Contractual Provisions for Supervening Events
Chapter 13: Foreseen and Foreseeable Events
Chapter 14: Self Induced Frustration
Chapter 15: Effects of Frustration
Chapter 16: Nature of the Doctrine

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