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Habeas Corpus 2nd Edition (2018)
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Habeas Corpus 2nd Edition (2018)

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ISBN 9781760021832 Forthcoming Release 28 September 2018

The second edition includes all new material on Habeas Corpus since the last edition published in 2000. It covers the extensive case law on the Habeas Corpus Act 2001 (NZ), the upsurge in Australian cases, especially those concerning the detention of persons with mental disabilities and those in nursing homes; and the substantial increase in Pacific Island cases made available since the last edition. The revised rules of court, all of which have changed or been renumbered since the last edition, are given a prominent place in the practice and procedure chapter.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Habeas Corpus Legislative Provisions

Chapter 3: Bail

Chapter 4: The Scope of Review

Chapter 5: Habeas Corpus and the Vulnerable: Children, Mental Patients and the Elderly

Chapter 6: Standing and Representation

Chapter 7: The Grounds of Review

Chapter 8: Territorial Limits

Chapter 9: Habeas Corpus and Emergencies

Chapter 10: Practice and Procedure


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