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Heydon on Contract (2019)
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Heydon on Contract (2019)

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ISBN 9780455500201 New Release May 2019
Description Heydon on Contract provides a detailed analysis of the law of contract for Australian practitioners. Providing unparalleled and compelling guidance on the fundamentals of contract law, the Honourable Dyson Heydon AC QC, has written an authoritative treatise, which will be valued by all seeking guidance on this key area of law. Table of Contents 1.Capacity 2.Offer and acceptance 3.Uncertain agreement and contingent condition precedent 4.Intention to affect legal relations 5.Consideration 6.Formal requirements 7.Express terms 8.Construction of Terms General 9.Construction of Terms Extrinsic circumstances 10.Implied terms 11.Exemption Clauses 12.Third party rights and obligations 13.Assignment 14.Mistake 15.Misrepresentation 16.Duress 17.Undue influence 18.Unconscientious conduct 19.Restraint of trade 20.Illegality other than restraint of trade 21.Lord Cairns' Act 22.Performance 23.Discharge by Agreement 24.Discharge by Frustration 25.Discharge by Breach 26.Other Forms of discharge 27.Damages 28.Specific performance 29.Injunctions 30.Rectification 31.Rescission
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