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Insurance - The Law of Australia 2nd Edition
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Insurance - The Law of Australia 2nd Edition

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Published 20 Oct 2014 (Thomson Reuters)
ISBN: 9780455235448.

Insurance - The Laws of Australia provides insurance practitioners, insurance companies and students with a principles-based, practical guide to insurance law in Australia.

This text provides comprehensive coverage and analysis of common law principles relating to, and the statutory regulation of, insurance contracts and the operation of an insurance business. The common law and statutory provisions are dealt with in the contexts of marine, life and general insurance.

This second edition covers recent significant amendments to this area of law under the Insurance Contracts Amendment Act2013 (Cth), including the effect of those final amendments due to commence at the end of 2015.

Insurance - The Laws of Australia provides easy to read and insightful commentary on topics including:

  • the nature and classification of insurance contracts;
  • regulatory functions of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission;
  • insurable interests;
  • interests of third party beneficiaries;
  • insurance policies;
  • insurance claims;
  • indemnity and amounts recoverable;
  • subrogation; and
  • double insurance and contribution.

This material is also published as part of Title 22 “Insurance and Income Security” of The Laws of Australia legal encyclopaedia. As such it retains that work’s easy-to-read style: each main paragraph opens with a bold proposition that encapsulates the relevant legal principle, while the text that follows sets out and analyses complexities, nuances and developments in the law. Extensive referencing makes The Laws of Australia the ideal starting point for research across any Australian jurisdiction.



Nature, Classification and Legislation

Regulatory Functions

Insurable Interests

Third Parties’ Interests

Utmost Good Faith, Non-disclosure and Misrepresentation

Financial Services and Markets, Brokers and Agents

Formation of Contract


Construction of Policy and Standard Cover


Indemnity and Amount Recoverable


Double Insurance and Contribution

Marine Insurance

Life Insurance

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