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International Handbook on Unfair Competition
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International Handbook on Unfair Competition

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Published Jan 2013 (Beck/Hart)
ISBN: 9781849463683. Soft Cover, 600 pages.

Edited by Frauke Henning-Bodewig 

Written by a worldwide team of experts, this new work surveys and comments on the unfair competition laws of the world's leading economic powers. Following a standard pattern, each chapter introduces the reader to the latest developments in each jurisdiction, highlighting the ways in which the basic legislation and case law relates to enforcement issues, and how unfair competition laws fit with wider considerations of consumer protection and within prevailing intellectual property and competition law frameworks. 

Each of the country reports follows the same standard structure: 

I. Background and General Approach to Unfair Competition Law. 

II. Legal Basis of Unfair Competition Law and Relations to Neighbouring Areas of Law 

III. General Considerations IV. General Clause Against Unfair Competition

V. Marketing 

V. Protection of Competitors Against Unfair Trade Practices 

VI. Specific Protection of Consumers Against Unfair Trade Practices

VII. Enforcement 

Country Reports  

1 Australia  

2 Austria  

3 Brazil  

4 Canada 

5 China 

6 France  

7 Germany  

8 Hungary  

9 India  

10 Italy 

11 Japan 

12 Lithuania 

13 Netherlands 

14 Poland 

15 Spain 

16 South Africa 

17 Sweden 

18 Switzerland 

19 Turkey 

20 UK 

21 USA 

Frauke Henning-Bodewig is head of a research unit at the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property in Munich and professor at the University of Erlangen. The authors are experts from the countries they report on.

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