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Judicial Ethics in Australia - Third Edition
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Judicial Ethics in Australia - Third Edition

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Published July 2009 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409325720. Hard Cover, 300 pages.

Thomas, Hon J 

An examination of the rules of conduct and behaviour expected of Australian judges. This book is concerned with the conduct of judges, including magistrates and tribunal members. It discusses the temptations and travails to which judges are subject, exposes many of their misdeeds throughout the common law world, and sets out the high standards of conduct that they are expected to observe. It offers solutions to most of the ethical difficulties that might arise in the course of a judge's career. It illustrates these with practical examples aided by theoretical discussion. 

The book also examines the means by which the standards of conduct are enforced and whether current systems are capable of improvement. A must-read text for all members of the judiciary and the wider legal profession as well as academics, students and members of the public. 

Important Features

· Authoritative 

· Detailed 

· Practical examples 

· Accessible 

Table of Contents

1. Origins 

2. The Term 'Judicial Ethics' 

3. General Tests for Determining Whether Conduct is Unethical 

4. Misconduct in Office 

5. Bias & Prejudice 

6. Non-official Misconduct 

7. Community and Media Relations 

8. Community Organisations and Social Conduct 

9. Financial Dealings 

10. Immorality and Crime 

11. Politics, Commissions and Dealing with Government Officials 

12. Misuse of the Prestige of Office 

13. To Whom the Standards Apply 

14. Enforcement 

15. Restraints after Retirement 

16. An Historical Perspective 

17. The Future 

Thomas, Hon J 

The Hon James Thomas AM, Mediator and tribunal member and formerly a judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland and Court of Appeal.

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