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Law  Affecting Valuation of Land in Aust (6th Ed)
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Law Affecting Valuation of Land in Aust (6th Ed)

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Law Affecting Valuation of Land in Australia 6th Ed (2020).
A standard reference for lawyers involved in valuation cases, the book is widely cited by courts and tribunals throughout Australia, particularly the High Court, the NSW Court of Appeal and Land and Environment Court, and Queensland's Land Court and Land Appeal Court. Since the publication of the fifth edition the legal and valuation principles of the valuation of land in Australia have been expanded, amplified and explained in many decisions and amendments which have been included in the sixth edition. The sixth edition includes summaries and extracts from cases and statutes current to 30 June 2019. Many topics have been expanded whilst new topics have been added. The new edition provides an understanding of the subject by lawyers who practice in this area of the law, and valuers and other professionals who are engaged in the property industry. It is of particular relevance to valuers and other professionals who give valuation evidence before the courts and tribunals. CONTENTS PART I: Value 1. Land Defined 2. Value Defined PART II: Valuation 3. General Principles of Valuation 4. Methods of Valuation PART III: Valuation of Specific Types of Property 5. Rural Lands 6. Goodwill and Business Disturbance 7. En Globo Lands 8. Mines and Mineral Bearing Lands 9. Licensed Premises 10. Valuation of Strata 11. Heritage Factors PART IV: Compensation on Compulsory Acquisition 12. General Principles 13. Value to the Owner and Special Value 14. Reinstatement 15. Disturbance 16. Severance, Enhancement and Injurious Affection 17. Pointe Gourde Principle 18. Other Principles of Compensation PART V: Valuers and Valuation Appeals 19. The Valuer 20. Valuation Appeals Procedure
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