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Law and Justice in Australia - Foundations of the Legal System: Third Edition
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Law and Justice in Australia - Foundations of the Legal System: Third Edition

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Published Sept 2013 (OUP)
ISBN: 9780195576566. Soft Cover.

Prue Vines 

Law and Justice in Australia takes a historical, critical and contextual approach to law and justice and offers readers a mix of stories, cases, article extracts and explanatory commentary. Written in a natural narrative style, this book encourages students to develop an in-depth understanding of the legal system and creates a sound basis for further law study. The third edition prepares students to start thinking like lawyers; challenging them to deal with significant material, think deeply about law and society, and develop critical skills that can be applied to their future careers. 

New to this edition 

  • New chapter The Modern Lawyer draws on current research about the psychological wellbeing of lawyers and the development of personal and professional resilience within the context of the legal system of the twenty-first century 
  • Renewed focus on providing a global perspective with international and comparative law 
  • All chapters have been updated and engaging new stories added 

Prue Vines: Professor, Director of First Year Studies, Co-Director – Private Law Research and Policy Group, School of Law, University of New South Wales 

Part 1: The Australian Legal System 

1. The Distinctiveness of Australian Law 

2. The Place of Australia in Global Law 

Part 2: The English Heritage 

3. The Royal Courts and the Developments of the Common Law 

4. Lawyers and the Early Development of the Doctrine of Precedent

Part 3: The Impact of the English Heritage

5. The Idea of Law in the Civil War and the Glorious Revolution

6. The Impact on the Indigenous Inhabitants 

7. Britain and the Great Colonists: Using the Heritage 

Part 4: Moving Towards Independence

8. The Nature and Scope of Parliamentary Democracy in the States

9. Federation as the Will of the People 

10. Independent Attitudes, Race and Justice 

Part 5: Drawing on the Heritage: Legal Institutions in Action 

11. Classifying Australian Law 

12. The Courts in Action 

13. The Doctrine of Precedent 

14. The Doctrine of Precedent in Action 

15. Interpreting Statutes 

16. The Modern Lawyer

17. Conclusion: The Importance of Law

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