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Law of Evidence
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Law of Evidence

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Published Mar 2015 (Cambridge)
ISBN: 9781107604612. Soft Cover.

Nicola Monaghan

Combining straightforward explanation with scholarly analysis, Law of Evidence introduces students to the full range of topics covered in law of evidence courses, with clarity and depth. Highlighting the context within which the law operates, the textbook maintains an engaging narrative with a strong practical focus. 

Integrated extracts from key judgments and statutes, as well as academic articles and books, lead students to develop a deeper understanding of the subject, and detailed commentary on these extracts helps students develop the ability to read and analyse case law effectively. Student learning is further supported by numerous visual aids, including diagrams, flowcharts and tables, which illustrate the relationships between principles and provisions and clarify the complex aspects of the law. 

  • A companion website with regular updates to the text ensures that students always have the most up-to-date coverage of the law at their fingertips. 
  • With a commentary to materials ratio of 75% to 25%, this textbook offers significantly more commentary than a traditional text, cases and materials textbook, but still provides students with the benefit of numerous key extracts 
  • In addition to offering a theoretical overview of the subject, the author maintains a strong practical focus that is ideal for students particularly those who hope to later train as barristers Numerous figures, charts and tables help to clarify complex subjects and illustrate the relationships between concepts 
  • Accompanied by a website offering updates to the text 
Table of Contents 

1. Introduction to the law of evidence 

2. Preliminary issues 

3. Burden of proof 

4. Silence 

5. Confession evidence 

6. Illegally and improperly obtained evidence 

7. Hearsay 

8. Character evidence

9. Witnesses 

10. Trial procedure and witness testimony 

11. Corroboration and identification evidence 

12. Opinion and expert evidence 

13. Disclosure and public interest immunity 

14. Privilege and public interest immunity

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