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Law of Reconstructing
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Law of Reconstructing

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ISBN 9780409347548 NEW RELEASE 23/7/18

The Law of Restructuring provides a comprehensive and practical survey of the law of restructuring in Australia. It considers the laws regulating the restructuring process, providing legal and restructuring practitioners with guidance through the problems arising in this complex part of the law.



• A complete treatment of the subject matter in the Australian legal market
• Provides authoritative guidance to legal and restructuring professionals, as well as local and foreign advisors and investors


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Maiden, Insolvent Investments, 2015
Symes & Duns, Australian Insolvency Law 3rd ed, 2015


Robert Boadle is a barrister specialising in restructuring law, company and trust law, and commercial and financial law.


1. The Technique of Restructuring
2. Emergency Sales
3. Private Restructuring Agreements
4. Deeds of Company Arrangement
5. Schemes of Arrangement
6. Duties of Directors and Management of Distressed Companies/Trusts
7. Restructuring of Trusts and Collective Investment Vehicles
8. Tax Issues in Restructuring
9. Compromising Minority Claims
10. Cross-Border Restructuring

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