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Law of Reinsurance, 3rd Ed
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Law of Reinsurance, 3rd Ed

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Published Oct 2010 (Sweet & Maxwell)
ISBN: 9781847035554.

By Terry O’Neill, Jan Woloniecki 

The Law of Reinsurance provides a comprehensive guide to both the law and practice in this complex area of law. It is a definitive reference source for practitioners, covering general principles of the reinsurance contract, examining particular reinsurance agreements in detail, and all relevant areas of agency law. It also covers procedural issues in reinsurance litigation and arbitration. This new edition incorporates the considerable recent judicial and legislative activity, including decisions of the Court of Appeal in Bonner v Cox, Eagle Star v Cresswell, King v Brandywine, Toomey v Vitalico, Goshwak v Tyser and Absalom v Monument. It explains the modernisation of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Bermuda, and deals with the recent developments in cross-border insurance/reinsurance insolvency in England and Bermuda (the HIH, ACE v Pedersen cases). 

  • Outlines the nature and purpose of reinsurance, and looks at the formation of the reinsurance contract. 
  • Examines reinsurance agreements in detail and their relation to the original insurance contract. 
  • Deals with particular types of reinsurance, such as marine and financial. 
  • Investigates the legal nature and duties of intermediaries. 
  • Looks at reinsurance disputes and conflict of laws issues. Discusses the regulation of reinsurance. 
  • Covers reinsurance and insolvency. 
  • Includes coverage of Bermuda law and regulation. 

New for this edition: 


  • Lexington Insurance Co v AGF Insurance Ltd [2009] UKHL 40 [a/k/a Wasa v Lexington] 
  • Moore Stephens (a firm) v Stone Rolls Ltd [2009] UKHL 39 
  • Equitas Ltd v R&Q 
  • Reinsurance Company (UK) Ltd [2009] EWHC 2787 (Comm) 
  • Reinsurance Directive (2005/68/EC of the European Parliament) 
  • Rome I Regulation (2008/593)EC0 
  • Solvency II (European Directive 2009/138/EC) 
  • Contract Certainty 
  • The Scottish Lion Insurance Company Ltd, Re An Order Under Section 896 Of The Companies Acts 2006 [2009] Scot CS CSOH 127 
  • Equitas Ltd v Allstate Insurance Company [2008] EWHC 1671 (Comm) 

  • Amendments to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Bermuda 1985
  • Amendments to the Insurance Act 1978 
  • Gottex v New Stream [2009] SC (Bda) 178 Civ and 374 Civ (27 May 2010) 
  • Montpelier Re v Manufacturers Property & Casualty [2008] Bda LR 24 
  • Starr Excess v Gen Re [2007] Bda LR 34 
  • Lisa S.A. v. Leamington Reinsurance Company Ltd. and Avicola Villalobos S.A. [2008] Bda LR 3 
  • Fidelity Advisor Series VIII and others v APP China Group Ltd [2007] Bda L.R. 35 
  • Discover Re v PEG Re [2006] Bda LR 88, [2007] Bda LR 20. 

The nature of reinsurance transactions. 

General principles of reinsurance contract law. 

Reinsurance intermediaries and the law of agency. 

Reinsurance disputes and the conflict of laws. 

Reinsurance regulation and insolvency. 

Jurisdiction: UK

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