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Law of Torts, 5th Edition (Hardcover)
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Law of Torts, 5th Edition (Hardcover)

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Published May 2013 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409332049. Hard Cover.

Also available in Soft Cover.

Balkin, R; Davis, J

Law of Torts provides clear, authoritative discussion and critical analysis of the law pertaining to tort, with comprehensive coverage of all common law and statutory torts across all Australian jurisdictions.

The work covers the civil wrongs protecting intentional injury to person and property; the tort of negligence, with respect both to personal and property damage and for the recovery of purely economic loss; those torts, such as nuisance, in which neither intention nor negligence is necessarily relevant; defamation; and the economic torts which protect the intentional infringement of another?s trade or business.

The fifth edition of Law of Torts has been extensively revised and updated to cover all relevant new developments in case law and legislation, including misleading and deceptive conduct under the Australian Consumer Law, the tort of misfeasance in public office the application by Australian Courts of the House of Lords decision in OBG v Allen relating to economic torts and general updating of case law providing new illustrations of the application of accepted principles.

Balkin, R

Rosalie Balkin is Assistant Secretary-General/Director of Legal Affairs and External Relations Division, International Maritime Organization.

Davis, J

Jim Davis is Emeritus Professor at the ANU College of Law, Australian National University. 

Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction
Part II. Intentional Invasion of Personal and Property Interests
Part III. Negligent Invasions of Personal, Property and Financial Interests
Part IV. Invasion of Personal and Property Interests by Conduct Not Necessarily Intentional or Negligent
Part V. Protection of Interests in Reputation
Part VI. Protection of Trading or Business Interests
Part VII. Other Interests Meriting Protection
Part VIII. Remedies and Parties

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