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Lawyers' Professional Responsibility 7th Ed (2020)
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Lawyers' Professional Responsibility 7th Ed (2020)

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Gino Dal Pont. 7th edition soft cover. Isbn 9780455244907. Published October 2020.
Lawyers’ Professional Responsibility, seventh edition is a detailed yet accessible treatment of lawyers’ legal and professional responsibilities, suitable for students and practitioners alike. This comprehensive book contains detailed footnoting of relevant provisions and rules in each Australian jurisdiction. Lawyers’ Professional Responsibility’s content and commentary are not confined to developments across Australia, but where relevant includes comparative coverage from the main common law jurisdictions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. This edition includes content and commentary on the Legal Profession Uniform Law, to date as implemented in New South Wales and Victoria, together with the various uniform rules, for both solicitors and barristers. Table of Contents PART I: INTRODUCTION Chapter 1: The Concept of Professional Responsibility Chapter 2: Admission to Practice Chapter 3: The Lawyer–Client Relationship PART II: LAWYERS’ DUTY TO THE CLIENT Chapter 4: Duties to the Client and their Enforcement Chapter 5: Lawyers’ Duty to Clients in Tort Chapter 6: Lawyer–Client Conflict and Influence Chapter 7: Concurrent Conflicts Chapter 8: Acting against Former Clients Chapter 9: Duty to Account Chapter 10: Confidentiality Chapter 11: Legal Professional Privilege Chapter 12: Privilege in Aid of Settlement Chapter 13: Employed (In-house) Lawyers PART III: COSTS Chapter 14: Costs Disclosure and Costs Agreements Chapter 15: Recovery of Costs from Clients Chapter 16: Solicitors’ Liens PART IV: LAWYERS’ DUTY TO THE ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE Chapter 17: Duty to the Court Chapter 18: Particular Applications of the Duty to the Administration of Justice Chapter 19: Duty to Obey and Uphold the Law PART V: OTHER LAWYER RESPONSIBILITIES Chapter 20: Conduct of Practice Chapter 21: Relations with the Profession and Third Parties Chapter 22: Undertakings PART VI: DISCIPLINE OF LAWYERS Chapter 23: The Disciplinary Jurisdiction Chapter 24: Disciplinary Procedures Chapter 25: Types of Misconduct
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