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Legal Drafting - A How to Guide
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Legal Drafting - A How to Guide

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Published Nov 2014 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409339888. Soft Cover.

Macdonald, R.; McGill, D.

Good legal drafting requires sound knowledge of the relevant law, combined with an understanding of basic drafting principles.


Drafting — A How to Guide is for those who wish to learn how to draft effectively.


Chapter 1 is devoted to general principles which are relevant to all legal drafting. Each subsequent chapter deals with a specific area and contains an explanation of the applicable legal principles and then relates those to specific drafting issues. Examples of drafting to achieve particular outcomes are also illustrated.


The authors have paid special attention to language, and a plain English flavour is used throughout the book.


1. General principles of drafting
2. Deeds
3. Special conditions
4. Options
5. Leases
6. Sale and purchase of a business
7. Torrens title mortgages
8. Guarantees
9. Trusts and trustees


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