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LexisNexis Skills Series: Mediation - Skills & Techniques - 2nd Edition
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LexisNexis Skills Series: Mediation - Skills & Techniques - 2nd Edition

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Published Nov 2011 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409325782.

Boulle, L and Alexander, N 

This book is designed to deal with the practical operation of the mediation process, with particular reference to the skills and techniques which can be used by mediators to assist the parties' decision-making process. Written for both beginner and experienced mediators and others involved in the practice of dispute resolution, it deals systematically yet eclectically with all aspects of the mediation process, covering a wide range of planning, precautionary and trouble-shooting methods required in practice. 

It emphasises three particular features of the mediator's role: 

· Understanding, diagnosing and defining the conflict 

· The importance of creating the best possible climate for parties to resolve disputes 

· Being a facilitator of the parties? negotiations  


· All mediator skills and techniques are related to the National Mediator Accreditation Standards 

· Simple, plain English format focussing heavily on the practical knowledge and skills used in legal practice 

· Practical illustrations and case studies are provided to illustrate important points

· A range of documents and precedents is provided in the appendicesrly learning, but it will serve as an excellent ongoing reference in student's law studies. 

About the Author 

Professor Laurence Boulle AM is Director of the Mandela Institute for Global Economic Law and Issy Wolfson Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. He is also Professor of Law at Bond University, Queensland, a former chair of NADRAC and a part-time member of the National Native Title Tribunal. 

Professor Nadja Alexander is Director of the Institute for Conflict Engagement and Resolution and Professor of Conflict Resolution at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. She is also Adjunct Professor at Bond University (Qld) and Murdoch University (WA), and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Professor Alexander is a member of NADRAC and the International Mediation Institute. She is an accredited mediator in Australia and Hong Kong. 

Table of Contents 

1. An Approach to Mediation Skills and Techniques 

2. Intake, Screening and other Preliminaries 

3. Maintaining a Favourable Climate 

4. Diagnosing, Defining, Designing 

5. Managing the Mediation Process 

6. Assisting the Communication Process 

7. Facilitating the Negotiations 

8. Encouraging Settlement

9. Variations in the Mediation Process 

10. Special Issues in Mediation

11. Avoiding Mediator Traps

12. Developing a Practice and Practising Mediation

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