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MacGillivray on Insurance Law 10th Edition (2002)
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MacGillivray on Insurance Law 10th Edition (2002)

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MacGillivray on Insurance Law 10th Edition (2002) ISBN 0421704306

Now in its tenth edition, MacGillivray on Insurance Law is the classic work, dealing with all insurance 

risks other than marine and taking account of key legislative developments and judicial decisions. 

Dating back to 1912, MacGillivray has earned a reputation for being definitive and reliable. 

New for the 10th edition is coverage of the new regulatory regime under the Financial Services

 and Markets Act 2000 as it affects insurance companies, Lloyd's underwriters and intermediaries.

 Additionally, every chapter has been revised to take account of case and statute law since the last 

edition in 1997. * A major work which is frequently cited in court * Authoritative: an essential purchase

 for practitioners in this field * Offers wide coverage of insurance law (except marine insurance) 

making it a useful practitioner's book * Includes coverage of Scottish law - often not covered by other texts *

 Up-to-date with major recent legislation

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