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Marine Cargo Insurance
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Marine Cargo Insurance

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Published 2009 (Informa) RRP $720
ISBN: 9781843117636. Hard Cover, 534 pages.

John Dunt 

Winner of the 2010 BILA Book Prize 

"Marine Cargo Insurance" provides clear guidance to the law in this area. Its author, John Dunt, is well versed in cargo insurance and the Institute Clauses, and writes from his vast experience of this subject. The book is a well deserved winner of this year's BILA book prize." - Alison Green, Chairman of the Trustees of the BILA 

Charitable Trust Review: "The author guides the reader systematically through the development of the law as it impacts both consumers and providers of cargo insurance, giving clear and informative analysis at a practical level.... This book will provide the claims adjuster or legal adviser with an important reference source to help ensure a full and proper coverage analysis is undertaken and an informed interpretation is quickly reached." Peter de Boissiere, Global Marine Claims Leader - Cargo, RSA

The aim of the book is to bring together the case law on marine cargo insurance to assist practitioners, whether they are lawyers, underwriters, insurance brokers or surveyors and investigators, to resolve issues of meaning and interpretation of the Institute Cargo Clauses (ICC), the most widely used standard form of marine cargo insurance cover. The work will examine marine cargo insurance by reference to English and foreign legal cases and the Marine Insurance Act 1906. 

Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1 History and Definition of Marine Cargo Insurance 

Chapter 2 Law and Jurisdiction Clauses 

Chapter 3 Open Covers, Policies and Certificates of Insurance 

Chapter 4 Insurable Interest and the Indemnity Principle 

Chapter 5 Good Faith, Non-Disclosure and Misrepresentation 

Chapter 6 Warranties and Conditions 

Chapter 7 Causation 

Chapter 8 All Risks and Exclusions 

Chapter 9 Named Perils and Exclusions 

Chapter 10 War, Strikes, Terrorism and Rejection Risks 

Chapter 11 Duration of the Insurance 1: The Transit Clause 

Chapter 12 Duration of the Insurance 2: Termination of Transit and Change of Voyage 

Chapter 13 Claims and Losses 

Chapter 14 Recoverable Expenses and Liabilities: Sue and Labour, Salvage, General Average and Collision Liabilities 

Chapter 15 Measure of Indemnity 

Chapter 16 Subrogation, Double Insurance and Rights of Contribution

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