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Mediation - Principles, Process, Practice - Third Edition
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Mediation - Principles, Process, Practice - Third Edition

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Published May 2011 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409325775. Paperback.

Laurence Boulle brings to the book 20 years experience in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. This book has been written for teachers and students of mediation, for those who practice in the field, and for judges, lawyers and other law officials who are involved in considering the many legal facets of mediation practice.

The three parts of the book deal with: 

the historical foundations and the theories and values that underlie the modern application of mediation; 

the process of mediation and the roles of those involved in the process; 

the modern practice of mediation in Australia and internationally, and the laws that regulate aspects of the process. 

Attention is given to the important issues of quality, standards and accountability in mediation and to the empirical knowledge of its operation and effectiveness.

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