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Mining and Energy Law
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Mining and Energy Law

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Published August 2015 (Cambridge)
ISBN: 9781107663237. Soft cover.

Samantha Hepburn

Mining and Energy Law is the only textbook available that encompasses a discussion of both the law and the policy of mining and resource regulation in existing and emergent areas, for the Commonwealth as well as for the states and territories in Australia. 

The book begins by examining the ownership framework underpinning natural resources within Australia and reviews the proprietary status and scope of mining tenements, and the regulation of offshore petroleum extraction. It goes on to explore the legal regimes that have emerged in response to more recent developments, such as coal seam gas, renewable energy and geo-sequestration. The book concludes with a discussion of the commercial and contractual arrangements commonly used by transacting parties operating in the sector. 

Mining and Energy Law is the ideal starting point for anyone seeking to understand the regulatory regimes and policy challenges relevant to one of Australia's most important industry sectors. 

  • The only up-to-date, student-focused textbook that covers in detail all the issues relating to mining and energy law, across all Australian States and Territories (including Federal law) 
  • Explores the legal regimes that have emerged in response to more recent developments, such as coal seam gas, renewable energy and geo-sequestration 
  • Features case and statutory discussions as well as relevant revision questions 

Table of Contents 

1. Ownership of minerals and natural resources 

2. Resource titles: permits, licenses and leases 

3. Australian offshore petroleum and minerals regulation 

4. Natural gas regulation 

5. Unconventional gas regulation 

6. Renewable energy: regulation, the RET, wind energy and the market framework 

7. Carbon capture sequestration 

8. Climate change and mining and energy policy 

9. Environmental regulation 

10. Mining agreements and revenue frameworks.

Samantha Hepburn, Deakin University, Victoria Professor 

Samantha Hepburn is the author of several textbooks. Her research and teaching interests include property and land law, native title, water rights, Indigenous environmental law and the propertisation of carbon interests.

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