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Modern Treaty Law and Practice  3rd Edition
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Modern Treaty Law and Practice 3rd Edition

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Published Oct 2013 (Cambridge)
ISBN: 9781107023840. Hard Cover, 516 pages.

Anthony Aust 

This new edition of a textbook first published in 2000 provides a comprehensive account of the law of treaties from the viewpoint of an experienced practitioner. As such, it is the first, and only, book of its kind. Aust provides a wealth of examples of the problems experienced with treaties on a daily basis, not just when they are the subject of a court case. He explores numerous precedents from treaties and other related documents, such as memorandums of understanding (MOUs), in detail.

Using clear, accessible language, the author covers the full extent of treaty law, drawing examples from both treaties and MOUs. Modern Treaty Law and Practice is essential reading for teachers and students of law, political science, international relations and diplomacy, who have an interest in treaties. Each chapter has been updated to include many more detailed examples of treaties and related documents (e.g. MOUs) 

  • Written by an experienced practitioner, conveying the practical side of treaty law 
  • Uses non-technical language, making it accessible to all 
  • Contains more candid information than previous editions, as the author has now left his post in the Foreign Commonwealth Office 

Table of Contents 


1. Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969

2. What is a treaty?

3. MOUs

4. Capacity to conclude treaties 

5. Full powers 

6. Adoption and authentication 

7. Consent to be bound 

8. Reservations 

9. Entry into force 

10. Treaties and domestic 

11. Territorial application 

12. Successive 

13. Interpretation 

14. Third States

15. Amendment

16. Duration and termination 

17. Invalidity

18. The depositary

19. Registration and publication

20. Dispute settlement and remedies 

21. Succession to treaties 

22. International organisations 

23. Drafting and final clauses


Author Anthony Aust, London School of Economics and Political Science 

Anthony Aust was a visiting professor at University College, London; the School of Oriental and African Studies, London; the London School of Economics (his alma mater); and Notre Dame University, London. For 35 years he worked in the legal division of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office ending as Deputy to the Legal Adviser. He is now a consultant on public international law to law firms in London and abroad, governments and international organisations.

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