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Negotiation Strategy Style Skills, 3rd edition
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Negotiation Strategy Style Skills, 3rd edition

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Published Aug 2015 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409338256. Soft Cover.

Alexander, N; Howieson , J; Fox, K

Negotiation - Strategy Style Skills 3rd edition provides the reader with the tools to confidently engage in constructive and principled negotiation practice. Negotiation is the principal day-to-day activity of most professionals. Experience can make us confident negotiators, but it may not make us better negotiators. The path to excellence and expertise is via experience and structured reflection. By engaging in reflexive practice, we can learn from our mistakes and understand the reasons behind our success stories. Negotiation is a set of strategies, behavioural styles and skills that can be learned. This book provides the reader with the necessary tools to become a reflexive negotiation practitioner.



     •     Practical tools such as a three-dimensional model of negotiation, a 10-step constructive negotiation process map and the negotiation navigation map
     •     Chapters on neuroscience, interpersonal skills, multiple intelligences, multiparty negotiations, and dealing with tough negotiation situations.


Professor Nadja Alexander is leading a negotiation and mediation initiative at City University of Hong Kong.

Dr Jill Howieson is Associate Dean at the University of Western Australia’s School of Law.

Professor Kenneth (Ken) Fox is a Professor of Business and University Director of Conflict Studies at Hamline University (USA).

Table of Contents

     1.     Negotiation: Definitions, Terms and Approaches
     2.     Positional Negotiation
     3.     Interest-Based Negotiation
     4.     A Constructive Negotiation Process
     5.     Preparing for Negotiation
     6.     Negotiation: Larger-than-Life Communication
     7.     Deepening Negotiator Awareness and Skills
     8.     Decision-Making in Negotiation: Storytelling, Emotions, Memory and Persuasion
     9.     Culture, Sex, Gender and Intersectional fluency – the language of the Constructive Negotiator
   10.     Tough Skills for Tough Negotiations
   11.     Multiparty and Team Negotiations
   12.     Ten Principles for Constructive Negotiators

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