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New South Wales Legislative Council Practice 2nd Ed (2020)

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ISBN 9781760022372. Edited by Stephen Frappell and David Blunt. 2nd Edition . Publishing November 2020.
The second edition of New South Wales Legislative Council Practice has been updated to reflect recent developments with regards to parliamentary privilege in NSW, the powers of the Legislative Council in relation to money bills, and relations between the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly. This is an essential reference book for those interested in the study of parliament and politics in New South Wales. CONTENTS The New South Wales system of government The history of the Legislative Council Parliamentary privilege in New South Wales Elections for the Legislative Council Members Office holders and administration of the Legislative Council Parties, the Government and the Legislative Council The basis of Legislative Council procedure Meetings of the Legislative Council The conduct of proceedings Publication of and access to the proceedings of the Legislative Council Motions and decisions of the House Debate Questions Legislation Committee of the whole House Financial legislation Delegated legislation Documents tabled in the Legislative Council Committees Witnesses Relations with the Legislative Assembly Relations with the judiciary Casual vacancies in the Australian Senate The Parliament buildings and the Legislative Council chamber
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