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Parkerís Will Precedents 8th Edition
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Parkerís Will Precedents 8th Edition

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Published 31 Oct 2014 (Bloomsbury)
ISBN: 9781780434940. Hard cover.

By: Richard Dew, Kevin Shannon

Recommended by the Institute of Professional Willwriters, Parker's Will Precedents, Eighth Edition (previously: Parker's Modern Wills Precedents) is a well-established and highly regarded publication, renowned for its clarity of drafting.

The eighth edition provides private client solicitors and professional will drafters with a thorough understanding and working knowledge of the current will drafting process and the ability to draft better wills. It covers practical situations and offer pragmatic advice, rather than just the theory involved.

Parker's Will Precedents, Eight Edition provides:
• A comprehensive collection of precedents aimed at anyone who needs to draft wills - also included on a CD ROM, for easy use and adaptability
• A variety of precedents for individual clauses as well as a set of complete wills catering for different scenarios
• An emphasis on clarity, practicality and simplicity, so you can quickly draft legally sound wills for a variety of circumstances
• Notes and guidance on drafting and additional materials, including letters, support materials and extracts from relevant legislation

This edition is updated to take account of the following legislation and guidance 
• Inheritance and Trustees' Powers Act 2014
• Institute of Professional Will-writers code of practice
• Law Society's guide to will-writing
• STEP's guide to will-writing (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners)

The new edition includes new chapters on the gifting of digital assets and wills made in the court of protection, and has substantially revised the chapters on inheritance tax inheritance tax mitigation.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction 
Chapter 2 General Considerations 
Chapter 3 Taking Instructions 
Chapter 4 Opening and Revocation 
Chapter 5 Joint, Mutual and Reciprocal ('Mirror') Wills 
Chapter 6 Foreign Issues and Declarations as to Jurisdiction 
Chapter 7 Funeral Wishes 
Chapter 8 Appointment of Executors and Trustees 
Chapter 9 Appointment of Guardians 
Chapter 10 Legacies 
Chapter 11 Specific Gifts of Real Property and Rights of Occupation 
Chapter 12 Specific Gifts of Chattels and Other Personal Property 
Chapter 13 Business Interests 
Chapter 14 Charities and Charitable Giving 
Chapter 15 Digital Assets 
Chapter 16 Residuary Gifts 
Chapter 17 Minors 
Chapter 18 Disabled and Vulnerable Beneficiaries 
Chapter 19 Powers of Trustees 
Chapter 20 Declarations
Chapter 21 Attestation
Chapter 22 Inheritance Tax 
Chapter 23 Inheritance Tax Mitigation in Wills 
Chapter 24 Complete Wills 
Chapter 25 Single Adults 
Chapter 26 Wills for Married Couples or Civil Partners with no Children 
Chapter 27 Wills for Married Couples or Civil Partners with Children 
Chapter 28 Unmarried Couples with Children 
Chapter 29 Second Marriages or Civil Partnerships 
Chapter 30 Wills in the Court of Protection 
Chapter 31 Variations after Death 
Chapter 32 Letters and Other Support Materials 
Appendix Part 1: Attestation, Construction and Interpretation 
Appendix Part 2: Powers 
Appendix Part 3: Intestacy Rules 
Appendix Part 4: Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax 

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