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Petroleum Law in Australia
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Petroleum Law in Australia

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Published Sep 2013 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409333206.

Hunter, T; Chandler, J 

Petroleum Law in Australia examines the law and policy related to the exploration and production of petroleum. This clear and concise text by Tina Hunter and John Chandler considers both offshore and onshore petroleum activities. The focus of the text is on offshore petroleum, which reflects the predominance of this type of activity in Australia. Petroleum Law in Australia explains the basis of petroleum regulation, explorings, critical areas for exploration and development, and their associated legal issues. These include: the relationship between the Commonwealth and states and territories; the regulatory structure; licensing and permitting; commercial arrangements between explorers and producers; environmental regulation; and safety regulation. Hunter and Chandler also consider the emerging area of unconventional petroleum onshore, especially coal seam shale gas. Hunter and Chandler introduce the reader to the regulation of petroleum exploration and production, including its special terminology, commercial and legal background. 

This text provides a real insight into the legal and policy ramifications in Australia. 

Features and Benefits 

1. The first text to deal exclusively with Petroleum law and policy in Australia. 

2. Provides a concise overview of Australian petroleum law enabling students and practitioners to understand the legal basis of the regulatory regime. 

3. Identifies licencing requirements and issues relating to Joint Venture Contracts. 

4. Encompasses current topical issues such as Coal Seam Gas and LNG Plant Development onshore, as well as the Varanus Island and Montara Oil Spill incidents in Australia.

Table of Contents 

1. Introduction to Petroleum 

2. Development of Petroleum in Australia 

3. Overview of Australian Petroleum Law 

4. Regulation of Offshore Petroleum 

5. Offshore Petroleum Licencing in Australia 

6. Offshore Petroleum Safety 

7. Regulation of Onshore Petroleum Activities

8. Petroleum Activities and the environment

9. Joint Venture Agreements and Australian Petroleum Activities 

10. New Horizons of Petroleum in Australia

Hunter, T 

Dr Tina Hunter undertakes research and teaching in the area of conventional offshore petroleum law and unconventional petroleum regulation. She has researched in Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia and Norway and consulted to Australian and international governments. Her expertise has been sought by governments, industry and community groups in Australia, Russia and Norway. She has analysed regulatory frameworks and drafted petroleum laws in several jurisdictions. 

Chandler, J 

Professor John Chandler has over 30 years' experience in the resources industry as a partner in large commercial law firms, director of petroleum companies and university teacher. As a practising lawyer he has been involved in some of the largest resources developments in Australia. John is the Co-Director of the Centre for Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law and leads highly-regarded courses in petroleum law and contracts.

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