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Planning & Environmental Law in Western Australia (2021)
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Planning & Environmental Law in Western Australia (2021)

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Published 28/4/21. Author Stephen Willey. isbn 9780455501444
For the first time, with the publication of "Planning and Environemntal Law in Western Australia", planning and environmental lawyers, planners and students will have access to an in-depth analysis of the key legislation and case law shaping this area of the law in Western Australia. Covering key areas of planning law from structure plans to development controls and approvals as well as environmental regulation, this book provides a compelling guide to this key practice area. TABLE OF CONTENTS Part 1 - Introduction to Planning and Environmental Law in Western Australia 1 - Introduction 2 - Evolution of planning and environmental laws in Western Australia 3 - Key actors and stakeholders Part II - The regulatory framework 4 - Environmental impact assessment 5 - Planning schemes 6 - Structure plans and Development Contributions 7- Planning policy 8 - Policies under the EP Act 9 - Strata and community titles Part III - Statutory approval processes 10 - The subdivision process 11 - Development control 12 - Development approvals 13 - Planning conditions 14 - Relevant considerations in planning decision-making 15 - Use rights in planning Part IV - Appeal and review rights 16 - Appeal rights for EIA 17 - Planning reviews 18 - Appeal from the Tribunal 19 - Judicial review of planning and environmental decisions Part V - Planning enforcement and land compensation 20 - Planning enforcement 21 - Acquisition, compensation, and injurious affection
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