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Planning in Queensland Law, Policy and Practice
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Planning in Queensland Law, Policy and Practice

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ISBN 9781760022068 NEW RELEASE 26 June 2019

Planning in Queensland: Law, Policy and Practice takes a fresh look at the operation of planning law in Queensland, incorporating insights based on current debates and reforms to the relevant law. As with its predecessors, this new text explains the main features of Queensland’s principal planning statute, now the Planning Act 2016, and brings the features of this highly technical statute to life with a variety of case studies drawn from planning documents and legal sources.

The development industry is an important pillar of the Queensland economy. This book describes, in an accessible way, the legal framework within which this industry must operate. It makes the technicalities of the law easy to understand for a wide range of readers – practitioners, students, concerned residents and anyone who cares about the form and implications of Queensland’s ongoing urban development.

England’s thoughtful analysis stimulates further discussion about the important issues underlying the nature of the development system. The book also includes a contribution from Judge Michael Rackemann, which offers valuable insights into the Planning and Environment Court.

This book provides a clear account of the principles of the Planning Act 2016 and invites the reader to question, challenge and probe further into an area of law that is actively shaping the future face of Queensland.

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