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Principles of Australian Succession Law, 2nd Edition
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Principles of Australian Succession Law, 2nd Edition

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Published Sept 2013 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409333572.

Mackie, K

Principles of Australian Succession Law provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the current law of succession in Australia. Reference is made to statutory provisions and authorities in all eight Australian jurisdictions. The text is a useful resource dealing with all aspects of the law of succession, including wills, intestacies, family provision and probate and administration. Although aimed primarily at undergraduate students embarking upon succession law for the first time, it may also prove helpful to others involved in the area of succession. The basic format of the first edition remains with the addition of two new chapters, one on the rapidly developing area of statutory wills and one on the difficult subject of survivorship. In addition the text has been extensively revised in all areas, not only in respect to the considerable new developments in succession law, but also with a view to making the law less technical and more accessible without forsaking accuracy. 


• Authoritative and comprehensive 

• Assists studetns in problem solving

• Assists students in critical legal analysis

Ken Mackie is a Senior Lecturer in law and Sub-Dean at the Law School, University of Tasmania.

He is a consultant to the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute on succession law issues and a member of the National Committee on Uniform Succession Laws. Ken has taught at the University of Tasmania and the City University of Hong Kong. His main research interests are property law and succession. 

Table of Contents

ch 1 - Introduction 

ch 2 - The General Nature of a Will 

ch 3 - Making a Will - the Mental Elements 

ch 4 - Statutory Wills - Wills for Persons Who Lack Testamentary Capacity 

ch 5 - Making a Will - the Formal Requirements 

ch 6 - Revocation and Alteration of Wills 

ch 7 - Republication and Revival

ch 8 - Construction of Wills 

ch 9 - Gifts by Will

ch 10 - Distribution on Intestacy

ch 11 - Family Provision 

ch 12 - Personal Representatives 

ch 13 - Grants of Representation 

ch 14 - The Administrative Process 

Part 1 - Functions and Duties of Personal Representatives

ch 15 - The Administrative Process 

Part 2 - Powers, Rights and Liabilities of Personal Representatives 

ch 16 - Survivorship

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