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Private International Law in Australia - 2nd Edition
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Private International Law in Australia - 2nd Edition

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Published July 2011 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409327281. Paperback.

Mortensen, R; Garnett, R and Keyes, M

Private International Law in Australia is a substantial text now in its second edition, providing comprehensive coverage by internationally respected author, R.Mortensen, an expert in this area of law. This text includes important recent developments in private international law and private international law of tort, a major part of the field for practitioners and students, making this the most current and accurate text in this area of law.

Table of Contents

One: Introduction to Private International Law

1. Scope, Development and Purpose

Two: Jurisdiction and Judgments

2. Jurisdiction
3. Jurisdiction: Exceptions and Immunities 
4. Restraints on Proceedings
5. The Effect of Foreign and Interstate Judgments
6. International Arbitration

Three: Choice of Law Method

7. Choice of Law Method 1: The General Part
8. Choice of Law Method 2: Complications and Exclusions
9. Proof of Foreign Law
10. Personal Connections
11. Constitutional Limits on Choice of Law
12. Statutes

Four: International Family Law

13. Marriage Validity
14. Separation, Dissolution and Annulment of Marriage
15. Parenting and Custody of Children
16. Property and Maintenance

Five: Choice of Obligations Law

17. Contracts
18. Torts

Six: Choice of Property Law

19. The Method of Classifying Property
20. Transfer of Property between Living and Corporate Persons
21. Succession to Property on Death

Seven: International Company Law 

22. International Company Law

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