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Procedure in Civil Courts and Tribunals 3rd ed
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Procedure in Civil Courts and Tribunals 3rd ed

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Published Aug 2010. (Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing)
ISBN: 0854900519. Paperback.

By John Bowers and Eleena Misra. 

Formerly published as part of the popular Cavendish Practice Notes series, Procedure in Civil Courts and Tribunals provides an accessible guide to litigation in the County or High Court, as well as providing a useful overview of some specialist tribunals e.g. the Employment Tribunal. Of particular interest to practitioners will be the chapter on appeals which includes up-to-date guidance on the applicable rules and practice direction, together with practical advice on appellate advocacy.

In addition to providing practical and comprehensive guidance on civil litigation, the authors give valuable insights into written and oral advocacy, witness statements and affidavits, case preparation and courtroom skills. Presented in a compact, user-friendly format,Procedure in Civil Courts and Tribunals also contains an array of helpful checklists which will prove invaluable to the busy practitioner.


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