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Professional Responsibility & Legal Ethics in Queensland - 2nd Edition
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Professional Responsibility & Legal Ethics in Queensland - 2nd Edition

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Published 15 Feb 2014 (Thomson Reuters)
ISBN: 9780455232126.

By Stephen Corones, Nigel Stobbs, Mark Thomas

Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics in Queensland  offers a proven, practical  approach to identifying and resolving ethical issues that may arise in daily legal practice in Queensland.  It is an excellent resource for practitioners and students alike who need to navigate relevant legislation and understand legal ethics through accessible, problem-based scenarios.

The introduction of the Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules and Barristers’ Rule 2011, and changes to enforcement mechanisms where breaches have occurred, make the Second Edition essential reading for solicitors, barristers and law students in Queensland.

Diverse practice structures, the enactment of the new rules, and other legislative developments will affect lawyers’ work and the way they must interact with their clients, with each other and with the court.

Providing detailed explanation and analysis of these changes, the authors explain the ethical and regulatory environment for Queensland lawyers as the national legal services market continues to evolve. 

The book will assist lawyers to plan for successful practice within this new environment, providing:

  • a  knowledge of the relevant legislation and statutory instruments, including the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld), the Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules and the Barristers Rule 2011
  • a new chapter relating to admission as a legal practitioner;
  • an understanding of the potential application of the Australian Consumer law;
  • an understanding of effective management and business administration in the highly regulated legal services market;
  • a knowledge of the policies, procedures and Regulatory Guides of the Legal Services Commission and how it may prosecute conduct matters in the QCAT;
  • an understanding of the rationales which inform the various rules;
  • awareness of the advice and support available to them regarding ethical and professional matters;
  • the development of a personal model for ethical decision-making; and
  • a set of effective personal strategies for ethical and professional problem solving.

Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics in Queensland Second Edition is an invaluable reference for legal professionals, and  is also an important resource for law students grappling with questions raised by legal ethics and their application to the workplace.

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