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Rethinking the Law School
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Rethinking the Law School

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Published Dec 2014 (Cambridge)
ISBN: 9781107073890. Hard cover.

Rethinking the Law School Education, Research, Outreach and Governance AUTHOR: Carel Stolker

Law, by its very nature, tends to think locally, not globally. This book has a broader scope in terms of the range of nations and offers a succinct journey through law schools on different continents and subject matters. It covers education, research, impact and societal outreach, and governance. 

It illustrates that law schools throughout the world have much in common in terms of values, duties, challenges, ambitions and hopes. It provides insights into these aspirations, whilst presenting a thought provoking discussion for a more global agenda on the future of law schools. Written from the perspective of a former dean, the book offers a unique understanding of the challenges facing legal education and research. 

Written by an experienced law dean, who is currently Rector Magnificus and President of a long established and broad-based university Defines the challenges facing law schools today, across four key areas: education, research, societal outreach and governance Outlines innovations in teaching and learning (MOOCs, for example) that have an impact on legal education, and discusses developments in the field of methodology and publishing that are leaving their mark on legal research 

Table of Contents 

1. Law schools: some preliminary sketches 

2. Universities and their strategic challenges

3. Law school in search of identity

4. Educating law students 

5. Pedagogy: teaching law students 

6. Legal scholarship: venerable and vulnerable

7. Lawyers' ways of publishing

8. Law schools' economic and societal impact 

9. Whose law school is it?

10. Creating creativity in the law school 

11. Governing law schools: strategy, leadership and collegiality 

12. Towards a common agenda for law schools: some conclusions. 

Carel Stolker, Universiteit Leiden 

Carel Stolker has been Rector Magnificus and President of Leiden University since February 2013. He was previously Dean of the Leiden Law School. For many years he taught a range of private law subjects. He obtained his PhD degree with a comparative study of medical malpractice law.

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