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Risk Governance of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
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Risk Governance of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

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Published Mar 2015 (Cambridge)
ISBN: 9781107515260. Soft Cover.


Preben Hempel Lindøe, Universitet i Stavanger, Norway

Michael Baram, Boston University Law School

Ortwin Renn, Universität Stuttgart 

This book evaluates and compares risk regulation and safety management for offshore oil and gas operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Norway and Australia. It provides an interdisciplinary approach with legal, technological and sociological perspectives on efforts to assess and prevent major accidents and improve safety performance. 

Presented in three parts, it begins with a review of the factors involved in designing, implementing and enforcing a regulatory regime for industrial safety. It then evaluates the four regimes exploring the contextual factors that influence their design and implementation, their reliance on industrial expertise and standards and the use of performance indicators. 

Finally the book assesses the resilience of the Norwegian regime, its capacity to keep pace with new technologies and emerging risks, respond to near miss incidents, encourage safety culture, incorporate vested rights of labor, and perform inspection and self-audit functions. 

This book is relevant for those in government, business and academia, and anyone involved in offshore safety issues. Presents an interdisciplinary approach to accident risk prevention regulation and industrial safety management in the context of offshore oil and gas operations 

  • Comparative review of national approaches to offshore safety regulation 
  • Discusses normative recommendations to improve robust regulation 

Preben Hempel Lindøe, Universitet i Stavanger, Norway 

Preben H. Lindøe is Professor of Societal Safety at the University of Stavanger, Norway. He has an MS and a PhD on the implementation of 'enforced self-regulation' in Norway from the Technical University of Trondheim. He has worked within applied research for twenty-five years, including action-research methodology, occupational health and safety, risk regulation and safety management. His publications include various books (in Norwegian) as well as articles, papers and chapters in professional and academic journals, books and other media. 

Michael Baram, Boston University Law School 

Michael Baram is Professor Emeritus at Boston University Law School where he directed the Center for Law and Technology. He was also a partner in the law firm Bracken and Baram for twenty-five years, and previously had been Associate Professor of Engineering and Assistant Dean at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research, publications, legal work and advisory activities have dealt with risk regulation, environmental law, product liability law, occupational safety and risk management in several technological sectors, including the chemicals, biotech, nuclear, and oil and gas industries. He is the author or editor of eight books, most recently Governing Risk in GM Agriculture (2010, with Mathilde Bourrier), and has published numerous articles. 

Ortwin Renn, Universität Stuttgart 

Ortwin Renn is Professor and Chair of Environmental Sociology and Technology Assessment at Stuttgart University, Germany. He directs the Stuttgart Research Center for Risk and Innovation at Stuttgart University and the non-profit company DIALOGIK, a research institute for the investigation of communication and participation processes in environmental policy making. Renn is primarily interested in risk governance, political participation and technology assessment. He has published more than 30 books and 250 articles, most prominently the monograph Risk Governance (2008). 

Contributors Ortwin Renn, Preben H. Lindøe, Kathryn Mearns, Emre Üşenmez, Knut Kaasen, John Paterson, Michael Baram, Jan Hayes, Helene Cecilie Blakstad, Paul Bang, Olaf Thuestad, Jacob Kringen, Ragnar Rosness, Ulla Forseth, Ole Andreas Engen, Helge Ryggvik, Andrew Hale

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