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Satow's Diplomatic Practice - Sixth Edition
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Satow's Diplomatic Practice - Sixth Edition

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Published April 2011 (Oxford University Press)
ISBN: 9780199693559. Paperback, 800 pages.

Edited by Ivor Roberts.

Satow's Diplomatic Practice is a classic work, first published 90 years ago and revised four times since. This is the first revised edition for thirty years, during which time the world and diplomacy have changed almost beyond recognition. The new edition provides an enlarged and updated section on the history of diplomacy and revises comprehensively the practice of diplomacy and the corpus of diplomatic and international law since the end of the Cold War. It traces the substantial expansion in numbers both of sovereign states and international and regional organisations and features detailed chapters on diplomatic privileges and immunities, diplomatic missions and consular matters. It also examines new forms of diplomacy from the work of NGOs to the use of secret envoys and commercial security firms, and the book highlights the impact of international terrorism on the life and work of a diplomat. Satow is an indispensable guide for anyone working in or studying the field of diplomacy.

Readership: Students of diplomacy and international relations; legal officers in foreign ministries, embassies, and international organisations; diplomats; scholars in these areas.


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