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Social Work in the Shadow of the Law: 4th edition
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Social Work in the Shadow of the Law: 4th edition

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Published 2014 (Federation Press)
ISBN: 9781862879492. Soft Cover, 544 pages.

Edited by Simon Rice and Andrew Day

This fourth edition of Social Work in the Shadow of the Law is a critical resource for social workers, social work students and for those who work in human services. All of the chapters from the third edition have been updated, with fresh accounts, references, perspectives and case studies authored by over 30 academics and senior practitioners.

The new title, Social Work in the Shadow of the Law signals a little more emphatically that this is a book that is written by and for social workers. The first part of the book offers deeply considered reflections on the relationship between social work and law, including from Phillip Swain, the founding editor of this book. It then builds on this broad, contextual introduction by examining how and when social workers interact with the law and lawyers in a wide range of different practice settings. The final section of the book considers the legal issues that arise in the social worker’s own practice, addressing matters such as confidentially and ethics, courts, tribunals and interpreters, record keeping, administrative law, and evidentiary rules.



Why social work and law? 
          Phillip Swain
Towards a reconciliation of legal and social work practice 
          Spencer Zifcak


Adoption: The changing context of adoption 
          Cas O'Neill, Paul Ban and Susan Gair 
Bereavement: Social work following sudden and unexpected death  
          Dorothy Ford, Anne Giljohann and Vivienne Batema
Child sexual abuse: Child sexual abuse – The contribution of social work to the legal process  
          Jan Breckenridge and Kerrie James, updated by Michael Salter 
Corrections: Social work and prisons  
          Eileen Baldry and Mindy Sotiri 
Domestic violence: Domestic violence intervention, the law and social work  
          Raquel Aldunate 
Elder abuse: Elder abuse and the law  
          Elizabeth Ozanne 
Family law mediation: Mediation of disputes in the Australian family law system  
          Dale Bagshaw 
Financial issues: Social work practice and debt  
          Martin Ryan and Carolyn Bond 
Homelessness: Housing and homelessness 
          Nola Kunnen and Sally MacKay, updated by Lou Schetzer 
Indigenous Australians: De-colonisation or re-colonisation? Contemporary social work and Indigenous Australians 
          Linda Briskman and Terri Libesman 
Juvenile justice: Social Work and Juvenile justice 
          Wing Hong Chui 
Lesbian, gay and/or transgender: Lesbian, gay and/or transgender people and the law  
          Damien W Riggs and Clemence Due 
Mental health: Mental health law and its implications for social work practice 
          Lisa Brophy and Bill Healy 
Out-of-home care for children: Out-of-home care – The ongoing challenge for legal and social systems to effect children's welfare 
          Susan Tregeagle and Louise Voigt 
People with a disability: The NDIS – A quantum leap towards realising social rights for people with intellectual disability 
          Christine Bigby 
Refugees and asylum seekers: Social work practice with refugees and asylum seekers  
          Mary Anne Kenny and Lucy Fiske 
Social security: Social security and welfare rights – What role for social work?  
          Terry Carney and Christine Bigby


The ethics of social work practice 
          Phillip Swain and Andrew Day 
Record keeping in social work practice 
          Phillip Swain and Andrew Day 
Social workers, the law and interpreters 
          Uldis Ozolins 
Courts and tribunals 
          Simon Rice 
          Simon Rice


Review of previous edition:

The third edition includes chapters from 12 new contributors. New chapters cover issues such as domestic violence, working with interpreters, social work and sexuality, homelessness and housing rights, adoption and post-adoption practice, family law and social work and Indigenous Australians. ... The book refers to case law and legislation and provides case studies throughout each chapter. References to articles, statistics and law reform committee reports and other relevant government reports in particular areas are useful. Both state and territory legislation in each area is canvassed so the guide is useful nationally.

Law Institute Journal of Victoria, December 2009

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