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Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare (SC)
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Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare (SC)

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Published March 2013 (Cambridge) Available, despatch within 3-4 weeks.
ISBN: 9781107613775. Soft Cover, 300 pages.

Also available in Hard Cover.

General editor Professor Michael N. Schmitt: US Naval War College 

The product of a three-year project by twenty renowned international law scholars and practitioners, the Tallinn Manual identifies the international law applicable to cyber warfare and sets out ninety-five 'black-letter rules' governing such conflicts. It addresses topics including sovereignty, State responsibility, the jus ad bellum, international humanitarian law, and the law of neutrality. An extensive commentary accompanies each rule, which sets forth the rule's basis in treaty and customary law, explains how the group of experts interpreted applicable norms in the cyber context, and outlines any disagreements within the group as to each rule's application. 


Part I. International Cyber Security Law: 

1. States and cyberspace; 

2. The use of force; 

Part II. The Law of Cyber Armed Conflict: 

3. The law of armed conflict generally; 

4. Conduct of hostilities; 

5. Certain persons, objects, and activities; 

6. Occupation; 

7. Neutrality.

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