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The Bankruptcy Handbook 2nd Ed (2007)
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The Bankruptcy Handbook 2nd Ed (2007)

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2nd Edition. Published 2007. Federation Press. Soft Cover.
The Bankruptcy Handbook provides a clear and concise overview of the legal and financial processes, and of the implications for people facing bankruptcy. It provides practical assistance to all working in the insolvency field, in rural as well as urban areas. It includes: •case studies for different bankruptcy scenarios; •an overview of the relationship between bankruptcy and family law; •discussion of taxation and superannuation; •an Australia-wide contact list; •information about the sequestration order and key bankruptcy processes; •practical resources such as a guide to filling out the ITSA Statement of Affairs, which is reproduced in full; •the pros and cons of alternatives to bankruptcy such as debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements; •web addresses for various resources, including ITSA forms; and •a glossary. The book’s plain, accessible language and its recognition of the importance of emotional issues mean that it will also be helpful to many debtors having to consider the option of bankruptcy. The authors are three of Australia’s most experienced practitioners: Dr Betty Weule, doyenne of Australian financial counsellors, Dr Wayne Warburton, psychologist, of the National Financial Counsellors Resource Service, and Richard Brading, Principal Solicitor of the Wesley Community Legal Service. CONTENTS Introduction The History of Bankruptcy Bankruptcy in Australia Bankruptcy Today Becoming Bankrupt The Sequestration Order Filling out the Statement of Affairs Financial Counselling for Potential Bankrupts Choosing Bankruptcy Administration of the Bankrupt Estate What Happens to the Property of the Bankrupt? Personal Insolvency Agreements Part IX Debt Agreements Contributions to the Bankruptcy Release From Bankruptcy Personal Injury Compensation Taxation Superannuation Bankruptcy and Family Law Permission to Leave the Country Part XI: Administration of Insolvent Deceased Estates Glossary of Terms Appendix I: The Statement of Affairs Appendix II: ITSA Prescribed information Appendix III: Where to Seek Additional Information Index
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