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The Contract of Employment
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The Contract of Employment

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Published Aug 2012 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409331226. Hard Cover.
Winner of LexisNexis Centenary Book Award

Irving, M 

The Contract of Employment is a comprehensive and systematic description of the law governing employment contracts. It examines how awards, enterprise agreements and statutes like the Fair Work Act 2009 (CTH) and the Corporations Act (CTH) operate to modify the parties? contractual and equitable obligations. 


- Examines the contract of employment in the context of the law of contracts 

- Addresses the formation, variation, performance and termination of employment contracts 

- Discusses how historical developments have shaped employment law 

- Contains extensive references to leading books and articles in the field 

Table of Contents 

1. Introduction and History 

2. Who is an Employee? 

3. Formation of the Contract 

4. Vitiating Factors, Illegality and Misleading Conduct 

5. Sources of the Terms of Employment 

6. Alternation of the Contract 

7. The Duties of Employees 

8. The Duties of Employers 

9. Performance of the Contract 

10. Termination for Breach and Repudiation 

11. Termination by Notice and Agreement 

12. Termination by Frustration 

13. Changes in the Employing Enterprise: Redundancy and External Administration 

14. Damages for Breach of Contract 

15. Equitable Remedies 

16. Post Employment Obligations: Restraint of Trade, Use of Information and References

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