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The Evolving Project of Labour Law
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The Evolving Project of Labour Law

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Published May 2017
This collection draws together contributions from leading Australian and international labour law scholars, based on papers delivered at a conference to mark the 21st birthday of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law at the University of Melbourne. Collectively, the contributions provide an account and exploration of labour law scholarship’s evolution over the last two decades, and its future trajectory. They explore a number of enduring and emerging themes in labour law, including: •The Foundations of Labour Law Scholarship •From Labour Law to Labour Market Regulation •Labour Law, Equality and Human Rights •Effectiveness and Enforcement in Labour Law •Sidestepping the Law Through Legal Structures •International and Comparative Labour Law Perspectives •The Future of Work and Labour Law The book offers conclusions about the progress that labour law scholarship has made in facing fundamental changes in the organisation of capital, work and labour markets, as well as suggesting ideas for how labour law might continue to evolve to meet new challenges.
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