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The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law -Third Edition
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The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law -Third Edition

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To be published 10 Sept 2013 (OUP) Pre-Order Now!
ISBN: 9780199658800. Hard cover, 768 pages.

Edited by Dieter Fleck 

  • This highly influential book covers all aspects of international humanitarian law in international and non-international armed conflict situations 
  • Extensive explanatory commentary and case analysis by a team of distinguished and internationally renowned experts 
  • Explores international humanitarian law's interaction with human rights law and international criminal law 
  • Examines the relevance of international humanitarian law in peacetime and post-conflict military operations 
New to this edition 

  • Addresses the contentious issues in the field that have developed since the previous edition, including direct participation in hostilities; air and missile warfare; belligerent occupation; operational detention; and the protection of the environment in armed conflict
  • New material assessing the latest developments in international humanitarian law, including the 2010 amendments to the ICC Statute 
This fully updated third edition of The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law sets out an international manual of humanitarian law accompanied by case analysis and extensive explanatory commentary by a team of distinguished and internationally renowned experts. The new edition takes account of recent developments in the law, including the 2010 amendments to the ICC Statute, the progressive evolution of customary law, and new jurisprudence from national and international courts and tribunals. It sheds light on controversial topics like direct participation in hostilities; air and missile warfare; belligerent occupation; operational detention; and the protection of the environment in armed conflict. 

The book also addresses the growing need to consider the interface between international humanitarian law and human rights, as well as other branches of international law, both during armed conflicts and in post-conflict situations. The commentary both deepens reflection on such innovations, and critically reconsiders views expressed in earlier editions to provide a contemporary analysis of this changing field. Renowned international lawyers offer a broad spectrum of legal opinions, restating the law in this area, which is applicable worldwide. Particular attention is paid to problems of application of the law in recent military campaigns, which are assessed and interpreted in a practice-oriented manner. Based on best-practice rules of global importance, this book gives invaluable guidance to practitioners and scholars of this important body of law. 

Readership: Practising lawyers and academics with an interest in international humanitarian law, civil servants, legal staff and military personnel instructing armed forces; postgraduate students of international humanitarian law 

Dieter Fleck, Dr.iur. (Cologne), is the Former Director International Agreements and Policy, Federal Ministry of Defence, Germany; Honorary President of the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War; Member of the Advisory Board of the Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL); former Chairman of the Committee on Arms Control and Disarmament Law of the International Law Association, and Rapporteur of its new Committee on Nuclear Weapons, Non-proliferation and Contemporary International Law. He is the author of publications on the law of peace and security, international humanitarian law, and the law of visiting forces.

Contributors: Professor Michael Bothe -Universität Frankfurt Dr Knut Dörmann - International Committee of the Red Cross Professor Horst Fischer - Leiden University, Academic Director of the Institut für riedenssicherungsrecht und Humanitäres Völkerrecht, Ruhr-Universität Bochum Dr Hans-Peter Gasser - formerly Senior Legal Advisor of the International Committee of the Red Cross; Editor of the International Review of the Red Cross Professor Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg - Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder) Professor Knut Ipsen - , Ruhr-Universität Bochum, former President of the German Red Cross Ben F. Klappe - Military Judge in the District Court, Arnhem Dr Jann K. Kleffner - Swedish National Defence College Major General Nilendra Kumar, AVSM, VSM - Judge Advocate General of the Army, Integrated Headquarters of the Ministry of Defence, New Delhi Professor Mary Ellen O'Connell - University of Notre Dame Dr Roger O'Keefe - Cambridge University Professor Stefan Oeter - Direktor des Instituts für Internationale Angelegenheiten, Universität Hamburg Professor Silja Vöneky - Institut für Staatswissenschaft und Rechtsphilosophie, Universität Freiburg 

Review(s) from previous edition

"[An] important and useful work on international humanitarian law in armed conflicts...All national armed and auxiliary forces throughout the world...should obtain this Handbook and distribute it as widely as possible. - The Lawyers Review 

"An important and highly valuable book in a field of international law that has seen far too few works of this scope in recent decades." - George H. Aldrich, American Journal of International Law

"Deserves to be on the shelf of all lawyers interested in the law of armed conflict. It is a useful compilation to be added to the rich literature in the field." - Natalino Ronzitti, Italian Yearbook of International Law, Vol XVIII

"...the work under review...has no equivalent at the present day, and is therefore absolutely necessary to everyone interested in IHL." - Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont, Caucasian Review of International Affairs, Volume 3, 2, Spring 2009

"...although giving a clear, precise and definitive answer to the current challenges posed by modern international humanitarian law remains an uneasy task-this handbook may be regarded as a fundamental source of knowledge, as it is tailored to support legal advisors on the ground but also practising lawyers and academics with an interest in international humanitarian law." - Davide Giovannelli, The Military Law and the Law of War Review 47, 2008 

"[This book's] comprehensive presentation of a not easily accessible body of law, its most thoroughly researched and well documented chapters, its clear structure and layout, as well as its easily traceable writing style make it a standard manual on international humanitarian law." - European Journal of International Law, 20, 2009 

"The new edition of the Handbook of International Humanitarian Law gives an up-to-date and even more comprehensive look at international humanitarian law, that certainly tall those who are dealing with it in theory and practice will highly appreciate." - Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, Vol 21

Dieter Fleck: Introduction
1: Mary Ellen O'Connell: Historical Development and Legal Basis
2: Jann K. Kleffner: Scope of Application of International Humanitarian Law
3: Knut Ipsen: Combatants and Non-Combatants
4: Stefan Oeter: Means and Methods of Combat
5: Knut Dörmann and Hans-Peter Gasser: Protection of the Civilian Population
6: Jann K. Kleffner and Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg: Protection of the Wounded, Sick, and Shipwrecked
7: Horst Fischer: Protection of Prisoners in Armed Conflict
8: Nilendra Kumar: Protection of Religious Personnel
9: Roger O'Keefe: Protection of Cultural Property
10: Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg: The Law of Armed Conflict at Sea
11: Michael Bothe: The Law of Neutrality
12: Dieter Fleck: The Law of Non-International Armed Conflict
13: Ben F. Klappe: The Law of International Peace Operations
14: Silja Vöneky: Implementation and Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law

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