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The Language of Perjury Cases
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The Language of Perjury Cases

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Published Jan 2012 (OUP USA)
ISBN: 9780199795383. Hard Cover, 232 pages.

Roger W. Shuy 

The first book to focus on the use of linguistics in perjury cases 

Describes 11 real cases in plain terms and explains how linguistic analysis pertained to each case 

The Language of Perjury Cases outlines the contributions that linguistics can make to both the gathering of evidence and the way that evidence is analyzed in perjury cases. Roger W. Shuy describes eleven representative lawsuits--involving bankruptcy, unions, hunting licenses, doctors, priests, and Senators--for which he served as a consultant. 

Shuy's linguistic analysis illustrates how grammatical referencing, speech acts, discourse structure, framing, conveyed meaning, intentionality, and malicious language affected the outcome of these cases. Readership: The Language of Perjury Cases will appeal to students and scholars of applied linguistics and forensic linguistics, and to lawyers involved in perjury cases. 


Secion I: Perjury and Linguistics 

1: Perjury and Proof of Perjury 

2: How Linguists View the Language of Perjury Section 

II: Perjury Charges with Inadequate Intelligence Analysis 

3: False Statements in a Bankruptcy Case 

4: False Statements in a Political Contribution Conduit Scheme

5: Perjury and Fraud in a Bank Loan 

6: False Statements on a Hunting License Application 

Section III: Perjury and an Ill-Fated Shipping Vessel, The Khain Sea 

7: Perjury Charges for a Shipping Company Executive 

8: Perjury Charges for Another Shipping Company Executive 

Section IV: Perjury Charges Across Languages and Cultures 

9: A Doctor Charged with Perjury 

10: A Union Representative Charged with Perjury 

Section V: Perjury Charges with Adequate Intelligence Analysis 

11: An Attorney's Aborted Charge of Suborning Perjury 

12: A United States Senator's Aborted Perjury Charge 

13: A Priest's Aborted Perjury Charge 

14: Advantages and Dangers of Intelligence Analysis in Perjury Cases 

15: Recommendations for Analyzing Perjury Cases 


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