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The Law of Liability Insurance
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The Law of Liability Insurance

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Published July 2013 (Informa)
ISBN: 9780415830560. Hard Cover.

By Malcolm A. Clarke 

This book provides an authoritative and comprehensive review of all aspects of the law that relate to liability insurance contracts. Taking an international comparative perspective, The Law of Liability Insurance covers all the major types of liability insurance, not just professional indemnity insurance, presenting the issues according to the general principles of contract law. The book begins by concentrating on the fundamentals of the liability insurance contract before moving on to review cover and cover conditions, defence, exclusions, and finally claims against and non-payment by the insurer. This book will be an invaluable reference tool for practitioners and professionals working in the commercial liability insurance industry, including those who operate globally, as well as being a source for academics and post-graduate students. 

1. Introduction 

2. Contract Formation 

3. Contract Legality 

4. Misrepresentation 

5. Non-Disclosure 

6. Policy Interpretation 

7. Good Faith 

8. Cover: The Insuring Clauses 

9. Defending 

10. Exclusions 

11. Conditions 

12. Insurance Claims 

Malcolm A. Clarke is the Emeritus Professor of Commercial Contract Law at Cambridge University and is based at St John’s College. Professor Clarke is a leading figure in the field of insurance and is currently working by invitation with the American Law Institute (Philadelphia) on a Restatement of the US Law of Liability Insurance.

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