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The National Disability Insurance Scheme Handbook
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The National Disability Insurance Scheme Handbook

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Published Jan 2014 (LexisNexis)
ISBN: 9780409336818.

Madden, B; McIlwraith, J; Brell, R

The NDIS seeks to support the independence and social and economic participation of people with a disability, mainly by funding the provision of reasonable and necessary supports, including early intervention supports. The NDIS establishes three main criteria for access to the scheme - age, residence and disability. 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Handbook written by Bill Madden, Janine McIlwraith and Ruanne Brell examines the NDIS from the viewpoint of a person seeking to access the NDIS and those advising or assisting them. The three key criteria are examined, along with the powers of the NDIS Chief Executive Officer and the scope for review of adverse decisions. The important area of interplay between the NDIS and compensation entitlements is carefully scrutinised.

This handbook provides scheme users, carers, lawyers and health practitioners with an easy to understand guide with an easy to understand guide to this watershed legal development.

• An explanation of the NDIS from the viewpoint of those seeking assistance under the scheme
• Examination of the key access criteria 
• Examination of compensation entitlements
• Extracts of important parts of the legislation and the rules

Madden, B

Bill Madden is a solicitor specialising in medical negligence litigation and a regular writer and speaker on medical law issues. Bill also teaches undergraduate and post graduate medical law subjects. He is an Adjunct Fellow, School of Law, University of Western Sydney and an Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology. 

McIlwraith, J

Janine McIlwraith is a lawyer specialising in health law. She has written extensively in the health law area and regularly presents at industry conferences.

Brell, R

Ruanne Brell is a medical indemnity lawyer practising in the NSW Courts and has practised in the High Court of Australia. She has presented on a wide range of medico legal issues.

Part A - Introduction

1. Background
2. Launch 

Part B - Eligibility

3. Participant eligibility - Age
4. Participant eligibility - Residence
5. Participant eligibility - Disability or Early Intervention
6. Participant eligibility - Alternative Way

Part C - Compensation

7. Compensation claims and recoveries

Part D - Applications, plans and providers

8. Applications
9. Participants' plan, supports and funding
10. Supports providers

Part E - Powers and Decisions

11. CEO enquiry powers
12. Review of decisions

Part F - Privacy

13. Privacy 

Part G - Children and Nominees

14. Children 
15. Nominees

Part H - Exit

16. Ceasing to be a Participant and Revocation

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