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The New Work Health and Safety Legislation A Practical Guide
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The New Work Health and Safety Legislation A Practical Guide

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Published 24 April 2013 (Federation Press)
ISBN: 9781862879140. Soft Cover, 250 pages.

By Francis MarksDeborah Dinnen and Lauren Fieldus

The new Work Health and Safety Legislation applies uniform laws in most States of Australia. It imposes extensive obligations on anyone who conducts a business or undertaking to ensure the safety of anyone who may be affected by the operation of the business or undertaking. These obligations are not confined to the safety of employees and will cover customers, members of the public and even trespassers. Criminal offences are created for breach. The official print of the legislation including the Regulations extends to 875 pages. There are 652 provisions which create penalties, most of them criminal. 

Conviction will expose defendants to large fines, costs orders, and in some cases imprisonment. Directors and managers are particularly vulnerable. This book describes these obligations in clear and concise language to help anyone affected by these new laws to understand what needs to be done to comply with them.

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