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The Statute of the International Court of Justice A Commentary - Second Edition
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The Statute of the International Court of Justice A Commentary - Second Edition

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Published Sept 2012 (OUP)
ISBN: 9780199692996. Hard Cover, 1,808 pages.

Edited by Andreas Zimmermann, Karin Oellers-Frahm, Christian Tomuschat, and Christian J. Tams 

  • Fully revised and updated new edition of the only article-by-article commentary on the founding Statute of the most important court in international law 
  • Commentary on each provision of the Statute is augmented by analysis of the relevant UN Charter provisions relating to the Court 
  • Draws parallels with other international courts and tribunals, giving a valuable in-depth understanding of the work of the International Court of Justice 

New to this edition

  • New chapters on counter-claims and evidentiary issues 
  • Fully revised and updated to take into account the recent case law of the court and new scholarship 

The International Court of Justice is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations and plays a central role in both the peaceful settlement of international disputes and the development of international law. This comprehensive Commentary on the Statute of the International Court of Justice, now in its second edition, analyses in detail not only the Statute of the Court itself but also the related provisions of the United Nations Charter as well as the relevant provisions of the Court's Rules of Procedure. Five years after the first edition was published, the second edition of the Commentary embraces current events before the International Court of Justice as well as before other courts and tribunals relevant for the interpretation and application of its Statute. 

The Commentary provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of all legal questions and issues the Court has had to address in the past and will have to address in the future. It illuminates the central issues of procedure and substance that the Court and counsel appearing before it face in their day-to-day work. In addition to commentary covering all of the articles of the Statute of the ICJ, plus the relevant articles of the Charter of the United Nations, the book includes three scene-setting chapters: Historical Introduction, General Principles of Procedural Law, and Discontinuation and Withdrawal.

The second edition of the Commentary adds two important and instructive chapters on Counter-Claims and Evidentiary Issues. The combination of expert editors and commentators, and their assessment of new developments in the important work of the ICJ, make this a landmark publication in the field of international law. 

Readership: Scholars, advanced students and practitioners specializing in international law and international relations; diplomats and government officials working in foreign legal affairs 

Review(s) from previous edition

"There is no doubt in our minds that this book is a standard work which anyone conducting research on the International Court of Justice will at least have to consult, if not actually cite. - The European Journal of INternational Law, Vol 18 no 5 

"This volume is an important and valuable work. It presents a comprehensive analysis of the ICJ Statute and the related articles of the Charter, and includes a brilliant introductory essay on the Court's work. Any practitioner before the Court and any student of its workings should have the volume available." - Stephen Mathias, The American Journal of International Law

"It is a highly readable work of an indeed rare consistency in style, lucidity and transparency...Contributors and editors of this volume clearly have joined hands in making this book eminently accessible to all students of the law, diplomacy, and international affairs... its depth of learning and the richness of its commentaries itself stands out as fitting tribute to the Court's aspirations of universality." - Arthur Eyffinger, German Yearbook of International Law

"'Every now and then, amidst the daily routine of one's scholarly diet, one comes across a book that truly intrigues. Still, this occurs only too rarely with a publication of the kind and proportions of the one here under consideration. And yet, such is the delicate treat of this massive volume on the Statute of the ICJ which, it must be said, combines the best of the German organizing and British publishing traditions. Some fifty eminent scholars have contributed to its intellectual wealth, acclaimed experts from all over the world and household names to students of the Court's work nearly all of them. Quite a few illustrious names adorn its table of contents. Therefore, to start with, the three editors. their assistants and staff must be praised for their initiative, complimented with the infrastructure.'" - Arthur Eyffinger, German Yearbook of International Law 

"'..highly impressive and extremely welcome volume..'" - Arthur Eyffinger, German Yearbook of International Law

"From Sir Robert Jennings' gem-like and trenchant general introduction to Wolfram Karl's concluding analysis of Articles 69 and 70 relating to amendments to the Statute, this massive commentary will immediately take its place as an invaluable tool for practicing international lawyers. An impressive roster of authors contribute a profound understanding of each Article of the Statute. Their systematic approach is more than commendable; as readers quickly become used to the sensible and consistent organisation of this rich resource, they are likely to make it their first port of call when considering strategic issues of process not only before the ICJ, but indeed before other international adjudicatory bodies." - Jan Paulsson, President, World Bank Administrative Tribunal; President, London Court of International Arbitration; Head of the Public International Law Section of Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Paris

"This invaluable commentary on the Statute of the Court is a worthy companion to Judge Simma's Commentary on the Charter of the United Nations. It is a book which no practitioner of international law or scholar of international dispute resolution can afford to be without." - Professor Christopher Greenwood CMG QC, Essex Court Chambers and the London School of Economics 

"A valuable work of reference, indispensable to Government Departments of States dealing with inter-state disputes and to lawyers specializing in international litigation. The reader will find within the volume a wealth of information relating to the different aspects of the Court, and in particular, a searching analysis of the Articles of the Statute, amply supported by references to the Court's practice and other relevant materials. The volume will be welcomed by all those who are interested in the International Court of Justice." - Shi Jiuyong, Judge and former President of the International Court of Justice

"The editors of this dense volume have produced the first complete commentary on the Statute of the International Court of Justice. It is above all the publication's impressive treatment of the prolific practice and procedure of the Court that will make it an indispensable reference on all procedural issues of international jurisdiction. The extensive description of the ICJ's activities since 1946 and the analysis of the principal case-law are also highly welcome. The other sections, such as the summaries on the jurisdiction of the Permanent International Court of Justice of the League of Nations (PCIJ), other forms of international dispute settlement and the Court's relationship to other international tribunals, are equally persuasive. This comprehensive commentary is sure to become essential reading for international lawyers, government agents and scholars." - Dr. Thomas Läufer, Legal Adviser and Head of the Legal Directorate-General, Federal Foreign Office

"The dynamism, diversity of viewpoints, close examination of the statutory provisions of the Court with reference to the case-law, practicality of the contents and intensity of the analysis, all characterizing this collection, make it an outstanding reference book for international law libraries and for all interested in the subject of international law, academic or practitioner alike, including future agents, counsel and experts." - Bing Bing Jia, Chinese Journal of International Law

Table of Contents


List of Authors 

General Bibliography 

Table of Cases I-ICJ 

Table of Cases II-PCIJ

Table of Cases III-Other Bodies 


Sir Robert Jennings/Dame Rosalyn Higgins: General Introduction 

Ole Spiermann: Historical Introduction 


Christian J. Tams: Article 2, para. 3 UN Charter

Vera Gowlland Debbas: Article 7 UN Charter 

Christian Tomuschat: Article 33 UN Charter 

Thomas Giegerich: Article 36 UN Charter 

Karin Oellers-Frahm: Article 92 UN Charter 

Karin Oellers-Frahm: Article 93 UN Charter 

Karin Oellers-Frahm: Article 94 UN Charter 

Karin Oellers-Frahm: Article 95 UN Charter 

Karin Oellers-Frahm: Article 96 UN Charter


Vera Gowlland Debbas: Article 1 

Chapter I. Organization of the Court 

Mariano Aznar Gómez: Article 2 

Mariano Aznar Gómez: Article 3 

Patricia Georget/Judge Vladimir Golitsyn/Ralph Zacklin: Article 4 

Patricia Georget/Judge Vladimir Golitsyn/Ralph Zacklin: Article 5 

Patricia Georget/Judge Vladimir Golitsyn/Ralph Zacklin: Article 6 

Patricia Georget/Judge Vladimir Golitsyn/Ralph Zacklin: Article 7 

Patricia Georget/Judge Vladimir Golitsyn/Ralph Zacklin: Article 8 

Bardo Fassbender: Article 9 

Bardo Fassbender: Article 10 

Bardo Fassbender: Article 11 

Bardo Fassbender: Article 12 

John Dugard: Article 13 

John Dugard: Article 14 

John Dugard: Article 15 

Philippe Couvreur: Article 16

Philippe Couvreur: Article 17 

David Anderson/Samuel Wordsworth: Article 18

David Anderson/Samuel Wordsworth: Article 19

Daniel Erasmus Khan: Article 20 

Malcom Shaw: Article 21 

Malcom Shaw: Article 22 

Stefan Talmon: Article 23

Sir Robert Jennings/Philippe Couvreur: Article 24

Paolo Palchetti: Article 25

Paolo Palchetti: Article 26 

Paolo Palchetti: Article 27 

Paolo Palchetti: Article 28

Paolo Palchetti: Article 29

Hugh Thirlway: Article 30 

Pieter Hendrik Kooijmans: Article 31 

Carlos Espósito Massicci: Article 32 

Carlos Espósito Massicci: Article 33

Giorgio Gaja: Relationship with Other International Courts and Tribunals

Chapter II. Competence of the Court Pierre-Marie Dupuy: Article 34 

Andreas Zimmermann: Article 35

Christian Tomuschat: Article 36 

Judge Bruno Simma/Daphné Richemond: Article 37 

Alain Pellet: Article 38 Robert Kolb: General Principles of Procedural Law

Chapter III. Procedure 

Marcelo Kohen: Article 39 

Sienho Yee: Article 40 

Sean D. Murphy: Counter-Claims Karin Oeller-Frahm: Article 41

Sir Franklin Berman: Article 42

Stefan Talmon: Article 43 

Christian Walter: Article 44 

Sienho Yee: Article 45 

Sabine von Schorlemmer: Article 46

Sabine von Schorlemmer: Article 47

Santiago Torres Bernárdez: Article 48

Markus Benzing: Evidentiary Issues 

Christian J. Tams: Article 49

Christian J. Tams: Article 50

Christian J. Tams: Article 51 

Christian J. Tams: Article 52 

Hans von Mangoldt/Andreas Zimmermann: Article 53

Bardo Fassbender: Article 54 

Bardo Fassbender: Article 55 

Lori Damrosch: Article 56 

Rainer Hofmann/Tilman Laubner: Article 57 

Daniel Erasmus Khan: Article 58 

Chester Brown: Article 59 

Gerhard Wegen: Discontinuation and Withdrawal Andreas Zimmermann/Tobias Thienel: Article 60

Andreas Zimmermann/Robin Geiß: Article 61 

Christine Chinkin: Article 62 Christine Chinkin: Article 63 

Carlos Espósito Massicci: Article 64 

Chapter IV. Advisory Opinions 

Jochen Abr. Frowein/Karin Oellers-Frahm: Article 65 

Andreas Paulus: Article 66 

Andreas Paulus: Article 67

Judge Jean Pierre Cot: Article 68 

Chapter V. Amendment 

Wolfram Karl: Article 69 

Wolfram Karl: Article 70 

Appendix 1: Statute of the International Court of Justice 

Appendix 2: Rules of Court Index

Edited by Andreas Zimmermann, Professor of International Law, University of Potsdam, Karin Oellers-Frahm, Dr. iur., Senior Researcher (retired), Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg., Christian Tomuschat, Professor Emeritus, Humboldt-University Berlin, and Christian J. Tams, Professor of International Law, University of Glasgow 

Professor Dr. Andreas Zimmermann: Professor University of Potsdam and Director Potsdam Centre of Human Rights; Dr. jur. (Heidelberg), LL.M. (Harvard); former Member of the German delegation to the Preparatory Committee and the United Nations Diplomatic Conference on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court; member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration; counsel in various cases before the ICJ; judge ad hoc in various cases before the European Court of Human Rights; arbitrator under the annex to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties; member of the advisory boards on UN issues and on public international law of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs; inter alia co-editor of 'The Statute of the International Court of Justice - A Commentary' (Oxford University Press, 2006) and editor of the <"The 1951 Convention on the Status of refugees and its 1967 Protocol -. A Commentary (Oxford University Press, 2011). 

Dr Karin Oellers-Frahm is a Senior Researcher (retired) at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg. 

Christian Tomuschat, born 23 July 1936 in Stettin (Germany). Professor of constitutional and international law in Bonn (1972-1995) and at Humboldt University Berlin (1995-2004). Member of UN Human Rights Committee (1977-1986) and of UN International Law Commission (1985-1996, President in 1992). Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Guatemala for UN Commission on Human Rights (1990-1993) and co-ordinator of the Comisión para el esclarecimiento histórico in Guatemala (1997-1999). President of German Society of International law (1993-1997). Member, Institut de droit international (since 1997). Counsel for German Government in proceedings before the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. 

Christian J. Tams is Professor of International Law at the University of Glasgow (U.K.). He is a qualified lawyer in Germany (admitted 2005) and holds LL.M. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Cambridge. His research in international law focuses on investment protection, the role of international courts and tribunals, and the law of State responsibility. In addition to his academic work, he has advised states in proceedings before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS). He is a member of the German Court of Arbitration for Sports and of the ILA Committee on the Use of Force, and has held visiting appointments at universities in China, France and Lithuania. 

Contributors: David Anderson Professor Mariano Aznar Gómez - Universidad de Valencia Dr. Markus Benzing - Freshfields Sir Franklin Berman QC - Essex Court Chambers Chester Brown - Associate Professor, Sydney Law School Professor Christine Chinkin - LSE Philippe Couvreur - International Court of Justice Judge Jean Pierre Cot - Lambert Associés Professor Lori Damrosch - Columbia Law School Professor John Dugard - Universiteit Leiden Professor Pierre-Marie Dupuy - European University Institute Professor Carlos Espósito Massicci - Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores Professor Dr. Bardo Fassbender - University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich Professor Jochen Abr. Frowein - Max Planck Institut for Comparative Public Law and International Law Professor Giorgio Gaja - Università di Firenze Professor Robin Geiß - University of Potsdam Patricia Georget - International Court of Justice Professor Thomas Giegerich - Walther Schücking Institute for International Law Judge Vladimir Golitsyn - International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea Professor Vera Gowlland Debbas - Geneva Graduate Institute of International Studies Dame Rosalyn Higgins - Former President, International Court of Justice Professor Rainer Hofmann - University of Frankfurt Sir Robert Jennings Professor Daniel Erasmus Khan - University of the Federal Forces Professor Wolfram Karl - Austrian Human Rights Institute Professor Marcelo Kohen - Institut des Hautes Études Internationales Professor Emeritus Pieter Hendrik Kooijmans Professor Robert Kolb - Université de Genève Tilman Laubner Professor Hans von Mangoldt - University of Tübingen Professor Sean D. Murphy - Patricia Roberts Harris Research Professor Paolo Palchetti- Istituto di diritto internazionale e dell'Unione europea Piaggia dell'Università Professor Dr. Andreas Paulus - German Federal Constitutional Court Professor Alain Pellet - Université Paris X - Nanterre Daphné Richemond Staatsministerin Professor Dr. Dr. Sabine von Schorlemmer - Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst Professor Malcom Shaw - University of Leicester Judge Bruno Simma - International Court of Justice Professor Ole Spiermann - Københavns Universitet Det Juridiske Fakultet Dr. Stefan Talmon - University of Bonn Tobias Thienel Professor Hugh Thirlway - International Court of Justice Professor Santiago Torres Bernárdez Professor Christian Walter - University of Munich Professor Gerhard Wegen - Rechtsanwälte Gleiss Lutz Samuel Wordsworth - Essex Court Chambers Professor Sienho Yee - Wuhan University Ralph Zacklin - Assistant-Secretary-General, UN Office of the Legal Counsel

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